Is TABtouch Costing You Winnings?

The WA Tab, also known as TABtouch, is a run by the WA Government but their products are supported by BetEasy.

What does that mean?

BetEasy provides most of the odds, while government paid employers manage the other aspects of the business.

What does this mean for punters?

Well, the biggest impact is on horse racing. BetEasy provide fixed odds that closely resembles their own prices. As you can see below.

Odds correct at 1:29pm 19/3/2019.

Odds correct at 1:29pm 19/3/2019.

Additionally, BetEasy offer Best Tote+, which is the best of three tote pools, plus the starting price. TABtouch, on the other hand, only offer the Vic Totalizator (or SuperTAB) and betting exclusively on the SuperTAB carries a 14.5% margin . Why would you bet into a market with that take out rate?

Plus, even Best Tote compares unfavourably against the Betfair Starting Price (BSP). In fact, the BSP has beaten Best Tote by 13.5%  since September 2016, when the product created.

Lastly, Betfair’s fixed odds markets usually trade close to 100% before a race starts. With an 8% Betfair commission in WA, it’s a highly competitive product.

Price Comparison

To articulate just how much extra value you can find on Betfair, let’s look at the BSP results for Bendigo Race 1 (19/3/19). This is the same market as our TABtouch and BetEasy markets above.

Here are the odds at Betfair WITHOUT the commission taken out:

Now let’s compare that with the products offered by TABtouch. For this table, WE HAVE REMOVED the 8% Betfair commission.

Horse TABtouch Fixed Odds* SuperTAB Best Tote Betfair Starting Price BSP v Best Price
2. Accredit 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.78 0.11
3. Awaytoff 17 16.3 16.5 21 0.27
4. Davelliom 23 21.2 24.7 40 0.62
5. Pembroke Isle 8 7 8 13 0.63
6. Wadeemas Girl 91 70.2 70.2 551.3 6.85
7. Anna Mae 1.8 1.9 1.9 2.14 0.13


The TABtouch product range has significantly more profit margin than most Betfair markets. The SuperTAB only product is arguably the weakest, with 14.5% margin. And their BetEasy controlled prices are often slightly weaker than the corporate bookmaker market.

The Betfair Starting Price has beaten Best Tote by 13.5% since it was created, which would be singificantly bigger than 13.% against the SuperTAB alone. Plus, the Betfair value advantage is going to exist across most fixed price markets as well.


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