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“Definitely have a support network around you.”

Bella Anderson

“Showing discipline, tracking results and setting a deposit limit…”

Nick Foot

Nick Foot

Having loved betting on thoroughbred racing for the best part of 17 years, I have discovered two approaches that have helped me ensure responsible gambling and staying within my means. The first one is diligently tracking my results, which not only keeps me accountable but also allows me to identify trends and learn from past betting experiences to make better decisions in the future.

Remaining calm and composed through setbacks and the inevitable downturns is a strength I draw from my professional life. Racing never stops, and to be successful, I adopt a ‘one long day’ approach. This mindset helps me establish discipline and cultivate profitable habits in my betting journey. By staying level-headed and composed, I can navigate the highs and lows of ‘the great game’ with a clear focus on making responsible and informed decisions.

“I’ve always made sure to set a deposit limit.”

Reece Goodwin

“Don’t let the emotions get the better of you.”

Tom Haylock


For two decades, Tom Haylock has been actively involved in punting. His time at Betfair, dealing with numerous clients, has been a valuable source of responsible gambling insights for him. Being passionate about racing and form analysis, he emphasizes the importance of gambling responsibly, stating that it’s “all about how you responsibly gamble”. Tom’s advice to others revolves around discipline, emphasizing that it’s a “long game” and requires staying disciplined. Furthermore, he advises to always bet within one’s means and cautions against allowing emotions to overpower sound judgement commenting not to “let the emotions get the better of you”.

“Every dollar is tracked.”

Dave Strehlau


Dave Strehlau, who started engaging in punting and racing only six years back, regards himself as a relative newcomer to the activity. When it comes to responsible gambling, his top advice is to “track your results,” ensuring that “every dollar is tracked.” Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of taking a long-term perspective when evaluating your punting and tracking endeavors.


Steve Quick, owner of Ace Tennis Previews, has been betting on tennis for the best part of 10 years with his interest initially being sparked through his social media connections. His advice on responsible gambling is to “Record everything that you’re doing noting, making sure that everything you’re doing step by step is responsible.” He takes the time to write down and assess his selections to avoid hastiness or shortcuts. Moreover, he emphasizes the significance of finding enjoyment in the process and ensuring that betting does not dominate other aspects of life. In such cases, he recommends taking a moment to “reflect and see where the next step lies.”

“Reflect and see where the next step lies.”

Steve Quick

Responsible Gambling Betfair Resources

For more of the below information, please visit our Responsible Gambling page: https://www.betfair.com.au/info/responsible-gambling/

  1. Recognise a Problem
  2. Deposit & Loss Limits
  3. Time Out
  4. Self Exclusion
  5. Exclude from all Northern Territory online gambling operators
  6. Help & Support Agencies
  7. Account Closure
  8. Protecting Minors


BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register™ is a safe and free Australian Government initiative to block yourself from all licensed Australian online and phone gambling providers.

You can register at any time.

Once you register, online and phone gambling providers will not be able to:

  • let you place a bet
  • let you open new betting accounts
  • send you marketing messages.

You can nominate someone you know to support you while you are self-excluded.  You can also access information about other gambling supports that are available.

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