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In Australia, it’s predominantly known as soccer. The English call it football, the Italians calcio and the Spaniards fútbol. Others use the term ‘round-ball game’ to describe the code that stirs passion everywhere. Some prefer to dub it ‘the beautiful game’. Regardless of your preference, there is little argument that soccer is one of the world’s most popular and enthralling team games, with domestic and continental competitions and international representative events followed by billions of devoted fans around the world.

Soccer also is an enticing pursuit for punters, and Betfair offers soccer tips, ample data, expert analysis and specialist information to help them extract maximum value from their interest in the code. Betfair’s offerings include a logical guide to soccer betting incorporating historic information and key examples using data, soccer predictions and tips produced by experts using the latest data and other cutting-edge information for domestic leagues, competitions and major events.

The first version of soccer or football reputedly was played the early 1800s, with the first official club said to have been formed around that time in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Football Association, the governing body of the game in England, was established in 1863. Today, the game is played in some 200 countries. The English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish La Liga, and the German Bundesliga are among the most exciting and prominent domestic leagues and feature some of the biggest clubs and best players in the game. Glamour clubs such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham (Premier League), Juventus, Napoli, Inter Milan and AC Milan (Serie A), Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla (La Liga) and Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Leverkusen (Bundesliga) are passionately followed at home and around the world and games involving them tend to also draw significant interest from punters. Betfair has wagering categories for all games played in these leagues, as well as for games played in the Australian A-League men’s and the English Championship competitions. Make sure to follow Betfair today for soccer tips and predictions.

Punters can take advantage of Betfair’s analysis and soccer betting tips when considering a host of wagering options for games in these leagues, including match odds, half-time score, both teams to score, and over/under on specific number of goals per game. Betfair also offers bettors the chance to wager on categories specific to certain leagues. For example, which teams will be relegated? Who will win the player of the year award? Can a team win multiple trophies in one season? Which player will win the goalscoring title? Who will be the next manager to leave a club?

Betfair provides punters with a keen interest in the Premier League even further opportunities via its unique ratings model, devised by scientists using critical game data including shots on target and average corners per team to land on predictions. The model also allows bettors to properly assess lay betting opportunities for all Premier League games.

Importantly, Betfair – which is Australia’s largest betting exchange – provides punters with the ability to set their own odds when wagering on sports such as soccer. Sign up to Betfair to access soccer predictions and tips today and to find out how you can maximise your interest in soccer around the globe from a wagering perspective.

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