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Very few sports can match elite-level cricket for the skill and nerve of its players and its unpredictable nature and capacity to produce drama. Whether it’s a traditional five-day test match, a limited-overs one-day international (ODI) game or a fast and furious T20 contest, professional cricket is one of the world’s most entertaining sports. The very nature of the game also explains its appeal to bettors. Betfair offers those interested in the betting side of the game a comprehensive range of expert information and analysis including cricket betting tips designed to help punters extract maximum value from their wagering on the game.

Cricket is predominantly played in Australia, New Zealand, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. Twelve countries are members of the International Cricket Council and are eligible to field representative men’s and women’s teams in test matches and other international forms of the game. On top of enthralling international battles between fierce rivals such as Australia and England, India and Pakistan, Australia and South Africa, and England and the West Indies, competitions such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Big Bash League (BBL) in Australia attract wide interest from fans around the world.

Betfair carries all the necessary information for those wanting to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to wagering on all forms of cricket. Betfair’s experts use the latest data and analyse the form of players and teams to produce cricket predictions designed to provide bettors with the chance to extract value when betting. The background information available to punters on Betfair’s site includes cricket predictions, detailed previews of key matches, players to watch for specific wagering categories, and guides and strategies produced by experienced industry experts for betting on versions of cricket, from test matches to T20 games.

According to sports historians, cricket had its beginnings in England in the late 16th century. The first test match between national teams was played in 1877 in Melbourne, with Australia defeating England. Another Australian victory several years later, this one in England in 1882, led to a quirky reaction from the English press that local cricket would be symbolically cremated. A bail from stumps used in the 1882-83 series was supposedly burned with the ashes placed in an urn. This miniature trophy – the Ashes – is what the two countries have since played for when they meet in test series. Today, the five-day test match is still the supreme form of cricket prowess, although a host of other versions and competitions dot the cricket calendar. The 12 test-playing nations take part in rotating series, playing for points to determine the ICC World Test Championship. Other international competitions include the Cricket World Cup and Women’s Cricket World Cup (using the ODI format) and the ICC men’s and women’s T20 World Cup tournaments. The next men’s T20 World Cup is set to be played in Australia from October 16-November 13, 2022.

In recent years, competitions such as the IPL and the BBL have added plenty of colour and excitement to cricket’s annual offerings. The IPL was established in 2008 and now has 10 teams or ‘franchises’ featuring some of the world’s best players. The IPL season usually runs from March-May with the 10 teams split into two groups of five. The BBL and Women’s BBL competitions each have eight teams, with their respective seasons played during the Australian summer.

Betfair offers a wide range of wagering categories for the various forms of cricket, with punters able to focus on the performances of teams and/or individual players. Each match provides multiple opportunities for bettors using Betfair’s cricket betting tips. For example, in an IPL match, punters can use Betfair’s latest analysis to consider a host of categories including which team will win the toss, run lines for each inning, how many runs will be scored in specific overs, total runs for specific sectors of an inning, total sixes in a game, and which batter will make the most runs. Follow Betfair for the latest on all competitions, including free cricket betting tips.

Betfair is Australia’s largest and best betting exchange, offering bettors the ability to set their own odds for sports including cricket. Open a Betfair account today for the latest information including cricket tips and cricket betting predictions designed to help you enjoy maximum benefits from your cricket wagering.

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