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Harness racing is a popular form of horse racing in Australia, featuring standardbred horses pulling a two-wheeled cart (a sulky) carrying a driver. Also known as trotting, the trots, or pacing (to reflect the two types of horses that race in the sport), harness racing is conducted at more than 100 city and country tracks around the country, with more than 2000 meetings held each year. The two types of harness racing horses have different gaits: a trotter’s left front and right rear legs move forward at the same time, while a pacer moves both legs on one side of its body simultaneously.

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The first harness race in Australia was held in New South Wales in 1810. The sport has undergone a host of changes and grown significantly since. Today, races are run anti-clockwise, usually over distances ranging from about 1600 metres to 2650 metres. Some of the major races are run over longer distances. Many meetings are held under lights at night, often on Friday and Saturday evenings. Fields for harness racing tend to be small. The major tracks in Australia are at Menangle Park (New South Wales), Albion Park (Queensland), Globe Derby (South Australia), Melton (Victoria) and Gloucester Park (Western Australia). Follow Betfair’s extensive harness racing advice, including harness racing tips today, for the latest updates on every harness racing meeting held across the country.

The country’s major harness races include the Inter Dominion, a series featuring Australian and New Zealand horses with races run alternately between the two countries, the AG Hunter Cup (run at Melton in February), the Chariots of Fire (at Menangle in February), the Miracle Mile (at Menangle Park in March), and the Victoria Cup (Melton in October).

Betfair offers harness racing tips based on the latest data collected from all races that ensure bettors have a competitive advantage when wagering on all harness races, including the major events.

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