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What is the ratings model?

The Ratings Model provides rated prices for every runner at selected harness meetings across Australia, offering data driven harness racing predictions.

In partnership with Rise Racing the Betfair Data Scientists have created this model with data powered by the Rise API.  the model is able to calculate its prediction of each runner’s percentage chance of winning that race, before converting those chances into rated odds. These ratings take into consideration features such as Age, time between runs, Driver, Trainer, Sectionals, previous margins and strength of previous competition.

Using these rated prices, Betfair customers can then compare the model’s price to that of the price on offer on the Exchange to see which horses the harness predictor model believes is good and bad value.

The model can help you identify value, outlining the value percentage of each runner in the race where applicable.

How do I read the ratings?

Ratings are numerical measures that are an expected rating for each horse for the upcoming meeting. Prices are formulated by multiple factors including past performance, upcoming race conditions, trainer and jockey statistics and a range of other variables considered by our Data Scientists.

NB: The Data Scientists’ best-profiled runner is highlighted in grey. The ‘Value’ % is calculated looking at the difference in win probability based on the Analysts rated price v current Exchange market price.

Ie. 20% win rated chance vs 12.5% win chance in the market is a 7.5% difference in winning chance. This is calculated by: (1 / model odds) – (1 / price).


Harness Racing Predictions: Expert Insights to Increase Your IQ

Are you looking to increase your IQ on harness racing? Look no further than Betfair’s Harness Racing Predictions Model. Our experts have developed a predictive model that can give you an edge when betting on the races. In this article, we will explain what harness racing is, where it originated in Australia, and what tracks you can find in the country. We will also delve into how our predictions model works and why it can help you make more informed betting selections.

What is Harness Racing?

Harness racing is a form of horse racing in which a horse pulls a two-wheeled cart known as a sulky. The driver sits in the sulky and controls the horse’s speed and direction. Harness racing can be done at a trot or a pace, and races typically range from one to three miles in length. The sport is popular in many countries around the world, including Australia.

Where Did Harness Racing Originate in Australia?

Harness racing has a long and storied history in Australia, dating back to the 1800s. In those early days, harness racing was a popular form of transportation, with horses pulling carts and buggies through the streets of towns and cities. Over time, the sport evolved into a competitive racing event, with races held at tracks around the country.

Today, harness racing is still a popular sport in Australia, with many people placing bets on races at tracks throughout the country. Some of the most popular tracks for harness racing in Australia include Albion Park, Menangle Park, and Melton.

What Tracks are There in Australia for Harness Racing?

There are many tracks throughout Australia that offer harness racing. Some of the most popular tracks include:

  • Albion Park: Located in Brisbane, Albion Park is a popular track for harness racing in Queensland.
  • Menangle Park: Located in New South Wales, Menangle Park is home to some of the biggest harness racing events in Australia.
  • Melton: Located in Victoria, Melton is one of the premier harness racing tracks in the country.

These are just a few examples of the many tracks throughout Australia that offer harness racing. No matter where you are in the country, you’re sure to find a track near you that offers exciting racing action.

What is Betfair’s Harness Racing Predictions Model?

Betfair’s Harness Racing Predictions Model is a predictive tool that uses data analysis and machine learning algorithms to predict the outcomes of harness racing events. Our team of experts has developed a sophisticated model that takes into account a wide range of factors, including past performance, track conditions, and more.

How Does the Predictions Model Work?

The Predictions Model works by analyzing vast amounts of data and using machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends. It takes into account a wide range of factors, including the horse’s past performance, the track conditions, the weather, and more. Based on this analysis, the model generates predictions for each race, indicating which horses are most likely to win.

Why Use Betfair’s Predictions Model for Harness Racing?

There are many benefits to using Betfair’s Harness Racing Predictions Model when betting on harness racing events. Some of the key benefits include:

Increased Accuracy: Our Predictions Model uses advanced data analysis and machine learning algorithms to generate highly accurate predictions for each race.

Time-Saving: Rather than spending hours analyzing data and making your own predictions, you can rely on our model to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information in a fraction of the time.

Increased Wagering IQ: By making more informed betting decisions based on our betting predictions, you can increase your wagering IQ.

Competitive Edge: Our Predictions Model gives you a competitive edge over other bettors who may not have access to such advanced models.

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