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Golf is a lucrative professional sport played around the world by men and women. Players generally compete in four-day tournaments that are part of ‘tour’ formats, or a series of events run in a calendar year. Competitors vie for prize money and points to determine places for end-of-season orders of merit, invitational competitions and world rankings.

Betfair is a leader when it comes to offering punters astute golf betting tips for a host of events based on expert knowledge and proven scientific data. Betfair’s use of the latest data helped it create its unique golf model, a golf betting system that projects future performance of players. The model analyses players’ form and other factors and aids in identifying value betting propositions for bettors.

Most professional golf tournaments are played over 72 holes over found rounds (18 holes per round) using stroke (or medal) play, with the player who takes the fewest shots to complete the 72 holes deemed the winner. In the event of a tie, players take part in a playoff to determine the winner. The format for playoffs varies from tournament to tournament. Betfair offers punters a selection of betting categories for selected tournaments, including picking the outright winner, an each-way option (10 places only), selecting the leader after a specific round, and picking a player to have a top-five, top-10 or top-20 finish. Bettors can also consider wagering on which players might finish ahead of others in a select group at the end of a round. Betfair’s free golf betting tips and its golf betting system, which predicts performance based on form, takes the complexities out of golf betting by highlighting genuine betting value.

The majority of the world’s biggest and richest tournaments are played in North America and Europe, on the PGA Tour and the European Tour respectively. There are four major tournaments for men: the Masters Tournament, the US Open Championship, the Open Championship (usually known as the British Open), and the PGA Championship. The Masters is the only one of the four played at the same course each year (Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia). Organisers of the other three select host clubs several years in advance. Women compete in five major tournaments annually: the Chevron Championship, the US Women’s Open, the Women’s PGA Championship, the Evian Championship, and the British Women’s Open. The Chevron (held at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California) and Evian (Evian Resort Gold Club in Haute-Savoie, France) events are the only ones of the five played at the same course each year.

Team events including the Ryder Cup (between the USA and Europe), the President’s Cup (USA and an International team) and the women’s Solheim Cup (USA and Europe) are played biennially. Punters looking for an edge when wagering on majors or when it comes to better understanding value betting on team events should follow Betfair’s golf betting tips and suite of expert analysis.

Australia has a rich golfing history. Eleven Aussie men and four women have triumphed in majors. The main events on the Australian circuit are usually played in the southern hemisphere summer. The 2022 Australian Open, from December 1-4 at the Victoria and Kingston Heath golf clubs in Melbourne, will be the first Australian Open featuring men and women playing together. Betfair will carry the latest information and provide golf betting tips via its golf betting system for all the key tournaments on the Australian swing.

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