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The world tennis circuits for men and women continue to grow, with more tournaments, increasing prize money and expanding opportunities for fans to follow the popular sport on-site at new and upgraded venues or remotely via subscription television and online through digital streaming services. Tennis has evolved into one of the world’s true glamour sports, with massive crowds attending the four Grand Slam tournaments, which are now in many ways total entertainment events, rather than simply sporting events. The sport is also a favourite of punters, and Betfair is the leading betting agency when it comes to offering the latest news, information, and data analysis, as well as tennis predictions, to ensure tennis bettors are in tune with every aspect of the sport from a wagering perspective on a daily basis.

The ATP Tour for men consists of 64 tournaments played in all corners of the globe. Women play the same number of events annually all over the world on what is known as the WTA Tour. The season for both men and women begins in Australia, with several tournaments leading up to the first Grand Slam event, the Australian Open in Melbourne. Although tournaments are played in a host of countries on different surfaces, the respective men’s and women’s tours arrange their calendars to ensure each remaining Grand Slam are preceded by a reasonable number of warm-up events played on the same surface and generally in close proximity to each Grand Slam host city.

In line with this logical approach to building towards each Grand Slam tournament, Betfair’s data-driven tennis predictions model uses precise and up-to-date information accessed from every tournament and accounting for every player to determine players’ true ability, including how their ability varies, to predict the probability of them winning singles and/or doubles matches against specific opponents and on certain surfaces. Betfair’s tennis predictions model identifies trading and betting opportunities for bettors including tennis tips for all ATP and WTA events and the Grand Slam tournaments. There’s an added bonus for bettors using Betfair’s services – as Australia’s largest betting exchange, Betfair allows punters to set their own odds while also offering them the choice to back or lay a specific outcome.

Players on both the ATP and WTA tours compete for prize money and points, which determine world rankings and spots in lucrative end-of-season events. Switzerland’s Roger Federer holds the record for the most ATP Tour victories (103) and appearances in finals (157). Czech-born Martina Navratilova is the greatest all-time player on the WTA Tour, with 167 wins and 239 appearances in finals. Of the current female players, American Serena Williams has 73 wins and 98 finals appearances. In recent years, a wave of younger players has started to emerge on both the men’s and women’s tours, challenging the likes of Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic on the men’s side and Williams, Petra Kvitová and Simona Halep on the WTA Tour. In 2021, 10 men including Australian Alexei Popyrin won their maiden ATP singles tournament, while on the WTA Tour, 17 players including Aussie Astra Sharma were victorious in singles events. Several of these first-time winners were considered outsiders from a betting perspective prior to their wins. Punters who closely study Betfair’s tennis predictions model and its tennis predictions today can find significant value in all tournaments at a time when more players are emerging on both tours and the dominance of big names is fading.

Betfair provides a wide range of betting categories for tennis. Bettors can wager on match odds for any head-to-head match-up or consider set-related betting including tipping the exact score of certain sets. Bets can be placed on a futures basis or while a match is being played.

Betfair offers tennis expert tips, analysis and previews for selected events, as well as tennis betting tips for all ATP and WTA events and the Grand Slams. Sign up to Betfair today to access free tennis betting tips as part of a range of data and information that can help bettors learn more about markets and how to develop successful wagering strategies.

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