The QLD TAB has had several name changes over the years.

With brands including Unitab, TattsBet, Tatts.com, TAB QLD, TAB SA, and the Tote Tasmania before all of these wagering properties toUBET in 2015, Tattsbet is one of the longest standing bookmakers around.

However, with the ever changing landscape of the gambling industry, Tattsbet is now proving to be an inefficient tool for punters as margins continue to increase across

Sick of poor Tote pools and excessive margins?  You won’t have that problem with Betfair.

Why Is This Happening?

Simply put, margins.

As punters continue to educate themselves further, they become more and more price sensitive and simply, will not settle for markets that are so inefficient.

I mean, why would you bet into 140% Tote Pools when you can use the Betfair Starting Price? This unique product that is only on the Betfair Exchange constantly beats the Best Tote.

You’d have to be insane to bet with only one Tote on Tattsbet.

For the latest Horse, Harness and Greyhound Results to compare the BSP with the Best Tote, head to our Results Page.

On top of that, we also have a host or Racing education, insights and psychology to help yo improve you wagering IQ. Regardless of what level you’re at, you’ll find something for you.


Still a little bit confused about how Betfair works?

We’ve got a stack of educational videos that explain all of the Betfair basics. Or alternatively, check out our Hub 101 page.

It’s 2019, not 1999. You shouldn’t be betting into 140% tote pools anymore.

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