AFL Betting Strategy: Taking the Betfair SP

Betfair is excited to announce that we are offering the Betfair Starting Price, or BSP, on AFL betting this year to give you another AFL betting strategy.

We’ve noticed hundreds of customers put their bets up in the market at slightly more favourable odds and not get matched, leaving them without a desired bet at the first bounce.

So we’re launching BSP on AFL to potentially solve this frustration.

That means that you can put a Back or Lay bet up, and if you’re not matched immediately, you can still have confidence that you’re backing your desired team.

To head to the AFL Markets on the Betfair Exchange and utilise a new AFL betting strategy, click here.

How to select the BSP Option for AFL

On Desktop, simply click the SP Box and place your selection.

On our App or Exchange Mobile, simply click the BSP Box to head to the SP selection and then place your selection.

How Is The BSP Calculated?

Similar to the horse racing product, which beats Best Tote by 13.5% since it’s creation,  it’s based on bets placed by both Backers and Layers.

In the case of Starting Price bets, we are matching Starting Price Backers (who have specified a stake) and Exchange Backers with Starting Price Layers (who have specified a liability) and Exchange Layers.

Matching takes place in the brief period between the event being suspended and it being turned in-play using a reconciliation process which determines the SP. The reconciliation process considers SP bets that have been placed on each selection, taking into account any price limits that have been specified, and unmatched Exchange bets on that selection.

The calculation determines the fairest price which will match the largest amount of money risked by Backers and Layers against each other.

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