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Back: Brisbane Lions Premiership

$6 current market price

We’re taking the Lions here in what many believe is one of the more open Premiership races in recent memory. As we approach the final two rounds of the season there are big queries around the other 3 sides in the Top 4 at the wrong time of year. The Lions are the only team that rank Top 3 in both defense and attack on the year. They are the #1 ranked side when bringing all metrics together for all teams, both currently and for the season, yet we’re getting $6 backing them as the 3rd / 4th team in the market right now.

The favourite Magpies are experiencing health issues now after having a great run all year – unfortunately for them it’s at the one time you can’t afford it, and to many of their very best, irreplaceable players. We expect them to gain some of these throughout the finals series, but in a tight race any percentage off their best plays a factor, and continuity is important leading into finals football.

I’m bullish on the Demons chances – they could pinch a first final, particularly if they get the Pies at the G. However, they still aren’t playing their best football – they got a stack of improvement still in front of the ball and we would have liked to see that come together by now.

Port Adelaide are going well, but sit a touch behind others & are likely to have to play a first final away from home, while the Blues price is far too short to play for a team making a run from outside the Top 4, needing to win 4 tough games in a row to raise the cup.

The Lions fete is in their own hands, they’ve learnt harsh lessons interstate over past years… Including one just a few weeks ago. Better then, than now. I am bullish that this side gets the job done in Friday Night football and may not have to leave Brisbane before that final day in September.

This is the biggest opportunity for the Brisbane Lions since the early 2000’s. Put the chips in on them now, as I expect them to come into favouritism if they can get a strong win against the Pies in Friday Night football.


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