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The matchup for Super Bowl LVII is officially set, as the AFC number 1 seed Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the NFC number 1 seed Philadelphia Eagles.

Both teams have found success in recent years with the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl 3 years ago and the Eagles winning it 5 years ago. However, both teams look quite different now to what they did back then. The Chiefs only have 3 offensive playmakers remaining from their championship team, while the Eagles go into this match with not a single receiver, tight end or running back remaining on their roster from when they last won it all.

There is very little to split these teams this season. Both have separated themselves as the best in the league, going 16-3 across the regular and post season, while also both averaging 28.7 points per game.

Although both teams have high power offences, a big part of the reason they made it this far is because of their elite defence. The Eagles and Chiefs rank 1st & 2nd in the league this season in Sacks so there will surely be a lot of pressure being put on both Quarterbacks all game.

Jalen Hurts came into the post season with some question marks over his health but put his critics to rest after showing no limitations during the post season so far. Patrick Mahomes suffered a nasty high ankle sprain in their Divisional round match, putting in doubt his ability to compete for the remainder of the Playoffs. However, he was able to step up in the Championship game when it mattered most and get the Chiefs over the line. He will have a couple weeks to get healthy and so we should hopefully see both QBs, who are two of the favourites to win the league MVP this season, face off at nearly 100% in Super Bowl LVII.

So, will either defence be able to stop these high-power offences, will the season end with more Patrick Mahomes heroics or will the Eagles rushing attack rule the day?


LAY | Philadelphia Eagles Moneyline @$1.87

The Eagles have looked mighty impressive, easily taking care of both opponents in the playoffs thus far. However, that was arguably against an overrated Giants team without a single noteworthy player at Wide Receiver, and then against a 49ers team that had no QB and could not move the ball.

The Chiefs have done it tough overcoming the Bengals who have been their bogey team, with multiple players seemingly under an injury cloud. They’ve all had an extra couple weeks to recover for this match and expect them to be almost completely healthy.

Andy Reid as a head coach in his career, has a 28-4 record the week after a bye or extended break. While Mahomes has a 7-1-1 record when playing as an underdog. Both records on their own are mighty impressive, but when you put them together along with the fact that they both favour the Chiefs, who are underdogs in this game, it is too hard to ignore.

The value on the Chiefs is too good not to take, at the worst it should be even money. So the play here will be to Lay the Eagles on the Moneyline.


BACK | Jalen Hurts Passing Yards Under 241.5 @ $1.88

Jalen Hurts had to miss a couple games due to a shoulder injury late in the regular season, he has come back and seemingly looked okay. Although I don’t believe he has done enough to prove that he isn’t still hurting from the shoulder injury. In both playoff games, he has fallen well below the mark of 200 passing yards, let alone 241. His team has dominated from the start, meaning he has not had to really do much.

This bet is almost a free roll, because if he is still hurting, he won’t be pushing the ball down the field. Even if he is perfectly fine, I expect the Eagles to be trying to establish the run game and punish the Chiefs that way which is where they are susceptible on defence.

Hurts has only reached over 241.5 passing yards 7 times this season out of 18 games! Best bet for this game here is to back the Under.


The Super Bowl is the annual championship-deciding game in the National Football League (NFL), the most popular of the big four professional sports competitions in North America. Played in February, the Super Bowl pits the winners of the two NFL conferences in a sports and entertainment spectacle that is often the highest-rating television program in the United States each year, drawing more than 110 million people domestically and millions more around the globe including a fast-growing audience in Australia. 

With NFL action more accessible than ever in Australia via free-to-air and cable television and on streaming services, local fans and punters continue to be drawn to games, particularly the heavily marketed Super Bowl. Betfair, which offers local NFL supporters and punters multiple ways to wager on the Super Bowl, underpins its offerings with expert analysis, information and data designed to help with Super Bowl predictions and NFL betting strategies.

Following a merger between two competing American Football competitions in 1966, teams agreed to play in a so-called world championship decider. The first of these, played in Los Angeles in January 1967, saw the Green Bay Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs. The term Super Bowl would come into vogue two years later, with the inaugural Packers-Chiefs match-up retrospectively dubbed Super Bowl I. There have been 56 Super Bowls, with the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots the most successful teams with six titles each. The Patriots have appeared in a record 11 Super Bowls. Of the NFL’s 32 teams, 12 are yet to win a title while four (Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans) are still waiting to reach their first Super Bowl.

The 32 teams are split into two conferences (with four divisions in conference, the American and National) and each team plays 17 games during the NFL regular season. Seven teams from each conference qualify for the playoffs. To reach the Super Bowl, a team needs to win three playoff games (or two if they start with an opening-round bye in the playoffs). The NFL season kicks off in mid-September, with the Super Bowl to be played at a different stadium each year on a Sunday in early-mid February. In the lead-up to and during each week of the NFL season, Betfair’s stable of American Football experts and analysts continue to update teams’ chances of reaching and winning the Super Bowl and subsequently refining their Super Bowl tips. They consider a host of factors including clubs’ playing rosters and depth, strength of schedule, impact of injuries, and the form of divisional and conference rivals.   

With player talent generally spread evenly across the 32 teams, it’s not unusual for teams to make massive leaps in performance from year to year. For example, prior to reaching the 2022/2023 season Super Bowl, the Cincinnati Bengals had averaged only five wins a season and finished last or second-last in their division in the previous five seasons. With that in mind, it pays to follow Betfair’s NFL experts to get the latest on teams’ fluctuating fortunes and their NFL Super Bowl predictions. 

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2022/2023      Kansas City Chiefs def. Philadelphia Eagles

2021/2022       Los Angeles Rams def. Cincinnati Bengals

2020/2021       Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. Kansas City Chiefs

2019/2020       Kansas City Chiefs def. San Francisco 49ers 

2018/2019       New England Patriots def. Los Angeles Rams

2017/2018       Philadelphia Eagles def. New England Patriots

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