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Betfair’s internal team of Data Scientists have created an NFL Predictions Model. The model creates probabilities for every game. Including the Playoffs.

Utilising a vast array of variables and proven statistical methods, the NFL Predictions Model takes a purely statistical approach to predicting NFL outcomes.

You’ll often notice discrepancies between the NFL odds on the Betfair Exchange and the probabilities.

If you’re interested in creating a similar resource, we strongly recommend checking out Betfair’s Github. You can find resources there that will help you create your own NFL Predictions Model.

For more analysis on the big games including Sunday Night Football, check out our Expert NFL Tips provided by our NFL Analyst.

Welcome to Betfair’s NFL Predictions Model for the 2022/23 NFL Regular Season and NFL Playoffs. Betfair is always trying to help its punters better their wagering, and with this extensive data driven predictions model, they’ve done exactly that. With 32 teams across two conferences (AFC & NFC) it’s not always easy to make a betting decision. Betfair has made it simple by analysing facts and figures, as well as past game results, player trends, past AFC & NFC championship winners and past NFL Super Bowl champions, in order to create probable outcomes for the 272 game regular season, wild card week, divisional playoffs, conference championships, and the 2022/23 Super Bowl. There’s a reason Betfair is the industry leader when it comes to helping out the punter, and that’s because Betfair is always trying to help their customers get ahead and enhance their odds with state-of-the-art learning systems like the NFL Predictions Model. 

The NFL is one of the most watched sports in the world, with over 112 million people tuning into last year’s Super Bowl, and like any season, the possibilities of outcomes are endless. That’s why Betfair is here to provide the punter with accurate betting predictions for each game. Can Tom Brady win his 8th Super Bowl? That’ll depend on how many games the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can win this season, and with Betfair’s score predictions, customer’s will be in the best position to predict the outcome of those games. There’s no need to research a team’s points for-and-against on third party data analytics sites in order to predict the scoreline for upcoming games, because Betfair has done that for you with their NFL Predictions Model, illustrating it on the Betfair Hub via score predictions for each team in each game of the 2022-23 regular season, divisional playoffs, conference championships and the Super Bowl. 

The NBA Predictions Model calculates ‘model’ odds based on these predicted scores and enables the punter to analyse his or her betting value by comparing these odds with the market odds available on the Betfair Exchange. See a differential in odds between the NFL Predictions Model and the odds on the Betfair Exchange, don’t panic, this is because the model provides a price it thinks a team should be set at, based off of the data they’ve sourced, versus what the market price is at a certain point in time. This innovation allows punters to compare market odds with data driven predicted odds, just another reason Betfair has continued to grow its reputation as the number one betting platform for punters. 

If you’re looking to improve upon your punting and get an edge over all other punters throughout this NFL season, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be utilising Betfair’s NFL Predictions Model. And it’s not just score predictions Betfair provides, they also allow punters to back or lay a team in a game, highlighting their punter-first mentality. 

Start taking advantage of all that Betfair has to offer with the unique NFL Predictions Model and so much more, sign-up to Betfair today! 

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