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Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs

These two combined for 73 points last year. This year this game total is 45.5/46. Sure these offenses haven’t been what they were last year, but in this matchup that could change. Both teams come off a bye which means they should have a few tricks up their sleeve. In Andy Reid’s case those tricks usually turn into points. When the Eagles have the ball KC will struggle to match up in the trenches. Expect the Eagles to hold a steady advantage and to force more Chiefs into the box.

The problem is the Chiefs can’t afford to leave the Eagle receivers without safety help. The Chiefs likewise have some mismatches to exploit. For one, no one will be able to cover Kelce. Second, the Eagle corners are very physical and tend to be penalized deep down the field. Expect KC to exploit the Eagle safeties who have the impossible task of covering Kelce, stay over the top of Chief burners, and come up and fill in the run game. Some weather is keeping this total down a bit, but I like the overs in this one.

Betting Strategy

Strategy: Over 45.5 points for 1 unit

NFL 2023/24 Season

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The NFL features 32 teams spread across the United States. The teams are divided into two conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Each conference has four divisions of four teams, based primarily on geography or historic rivalries. Seven teams from each conference – the four division winners plus the three teams with the best records of the remaining 12 teams – qualify for the playoffs. The four-week playoffs culminate with the two conference champions meeting in the Super Bowl.

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Teams score points primarily via touchdowns (worth six points) or field goals (three). After a touchdown, a team can choose to kick the ball through the upright posts for one point or complete another touchdown-type play from a designated short distance for a two-point conversion. The quarterback is the most important player on the team. He is involved in nearly play when the team is on offence, or when attacking to score. Not surprisingly, quarterbacks can dominate games and are prominent in regular season and Super Bowl MVP considerations. Kansas City Cheifs extraordinaire Patrick Mahomes was the league MVP last season. Mahomes has won the award twice.


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