SA Thoroughbreds: MBR Update

Working with Thoroughbred Racing South Australia (TRSA) and their new product fee model now put in place, Betfair is delighted to announce that the Market Base Rate (MBR) for South Australian thoroughbred markets is decreasing from 6% to 5%.

As of the 30th of May, 2020, this will make South Australian thoroughbreds the cheapest Australian racing product on the Exchange.

The racing industry has been increasingly besieged over recent years with relentless tax increases and regulatory hurdles put in place for both wagering operators and racing bodies alike.

The natural course of action in light of these changes has been to increase product fees, to help cope with the rising cost of doing business, which then flows on to lower odds for punters (and in the case of Betfair, higher MBRs).

As odds become less appealing to punters and MBRs increase, turnover on racing declines, creating a vicious negative loop for the industry.

To buck this trend, TRSA has made the bold and innovative move to lower the product fee it charges Betfair. We applaud this initiative and Betfair would like to congratulate TRSA on their considered and progressive approach to product fees.

We are confident that this pricing change will lead to turnover growth and will be a win for TRSA, Betfair and Betfair’s customers.

We encourage all punters who are enthusiastic about having a wagering industry that provides better value, to support this move by TRSA and get behind their product.