EPL Tips: 2021/22 Season

Providing EPL tips for the 2021/22 season is Betfair’s Premier League model, created by our very own Data Scientists.

Leveraging a stack of data and numbers, including average corners, shots on target and more intricate features like a margin weighted ELO ranking, the model will provide outputs and predictions for every game of the season, giving you a market-leading and quantitative source for EPL tips.

The widget below shows the price that the model suggests each team should be and compares it to the price on the Exchange. The bigger the diffence in odds, the more value is on offer, according to the model.

The model will also provide you with Lay betting opportunities. Lay betting is unique to Betfair in Australia and allows you to bet against an outcome. For example, if the model rates Chelsea a $3.00 chance but their odds on the Exchange are $2.30, that is the model suggesting a lay bet against Chelsea. If Chelsea lose or the game results in a draw, you win. 

Lastly, be sure to check out the Betfair Hub and the Betfair Exchange for up to the minute Premier League and football odds.


Put these EPL tips to use and take advantage of better odds on football. Join Australia’s largest betting exchange. 

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