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We’ll have expert previews for every Australian international, every BBL game and the WBBL finals. We’re even increasing our New Zealand content by previewing the Black Caps.

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Betfair is one of the only betting platforms that wants winning clients. As a peer to peer exchange, we make our money by applying a small commission to winning bets. So we want winners.

We try to upskill our clients by sharing expert content from pro punters, including match previews, strategies and data. You’ll find all of those things, specific to cricket, on this page. From the latest match previews with betting recommendations to how to identify trading opportunities in a test or a Twenty20.

The previews, which you’ll find below, are written by a full time professional cricket punter.

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Finding a profitable cricket strategy can be intimidating. However, it’s easier than you think. We know this because we’ve sat down with cricket traders, like Matt Barker, and picked their brain. His client story provides confidence about what is possible. Plus he shares some strategies, many of which can be found in more detail on The Hub.

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