Betfair has a team of data scientists, both in-house and external contractors, that build prediction models. They use dozens of quantitative variables, specific to each sport, that identify betting opportunities.

For example, the racing prediction model has over 30 variables such as prize money, trainer strike rate, jockey strike rate, last start performance and many more. These variables are automatically scraped each day, weighted and each horse is allocated a winning probability compared to the field. The information is shared daily, ranking the top five chances in order. Other professional punters go as far as scraping our website so that these top five chances feed into their automatic trading algorithm.

Our goal is to not only share these live resources with you but also help you build them. Whether you’re a budding data scientist or an old school punter with an automated appetite.

Want to get access to the Betfair API and automate your own betting strategies? We’ll help you.

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Impressed by data scientist models but intimidated? Well you don’t need to know how to code to build your own betting robot. You just need a trading strategy and someone can automate it for you.

Betfair is a low margin exchange, just like Airbnb. We create markets for punters to take on punters. And we want winners.