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US Election Betting and Odds 2024


1. Joe Biden

The incumbent overachieved in 2020 and then did so again in the midterms. Jimmy Carter is the only Democrat since 1932 to not win a second term. The election is his to lose even at the age of 80. He looks a very good bet to not only win but claim the popular vote.

2. Donald Trump

Trump left office in inglorious circumstances four years ago but has returned, as expected, to seek a second term in office. Trump remains incredibly popular with the Republican base but is a polarising figure who will drive Democrat voter turnout if nothing else.

3. Ron DeSantis

The Florida Governor has not declared yet but is already positioning himself as an ‘electable Trump’. He faces a vicious nomination campaign against an opponent who will stop at nothing to win but he has already raised significant money. Betting Yes at better than $1.12 in the ‘Will Ron DeSantis Ru in 2024?’is a quality bet.

4. Kamala Harris

Since 1800 only one sitting Vice President has challenged a sitting President for the nomination was when John Garner challenged FDR in 1940. He did not receive the nomination. Harris has only hurt her future Presidential aspirations in office so will likely follow a path of trying to maintain her position. Can be laid in every market.

5. Nikki Haley

Haley is barely registering on polls despite declaring her candidacy as she looks to become the first female President. While she is the best and only legitimate female chance, she will not be winning. Lay Female in the Gender of Election Winner market.



The US presidential elections are not only a crucial event for the nation but also a moment of great excitement for bettors around the world. The opportunity to wager on the outcomes of this high-stakes political battle has led to a surge in US election betting in recent years. If you’re looking for the latest odds and the best platform to place your bets, Betfair’s Odds page is your ultimate destination.

  1. US Elections Betting & Odds

US election betting has evolved into a captivating form of entertainment and engagement with the political process. Betting on the US elections involves predicting the winner of the presidential race or placing bets on various aspects, such as individual state outcomes or popular vote percentages. Betfair’s Odds page offers a wide range of betting markets to cater to different preferences, providing you with an immersive and rewarding betting experience.

When it comes to betting on the US election, understanding the odds is crucial. The odds represent the likelihood of a specific event occurring, such as a candidate winning the presidency. For instance, if a candidate has favorable odds, it suggests they are perceived as having a higher chance of winning, while higher odds indicate a less likely outcome. Betfair updates its odds in real-time to reflect the latest political developments, ensuring you have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

  1. How does the US Election work?

The US election process is a complex and fascinating journey that spans several months. It begins with primaries and caucuses held by individual states to choose each party’s presidential nominee. These contests narrow down the field of contenders, leading to the official nomination of candidates at the party conventions.

One of the unique aspects of the US election is the electoral college system. Rather than a direct popular vote, the US uses an electoral college, which allocates votes to each state based on its population size. Understanding the dynamics of the electoral college is essential for predicting the outcome of the election accurately.

As a keyword expert, I would also like to mention that [presidential] elections, such as the US election, are significant events that shape the country’s future direction.

  1. Timeline of the US Election

The road to the US presidential election is a long and eventful one. It typically kicks off with the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, drawing significant media attention and public interest. The primary season continues as more states hold their nominating contests, leading to Super Tuesday, where multiple states vote on the same day.

The party conventions, held in the summer, serve as critical milestones where the presidential nominees are officially chosen. Following the conventions, the general election campaigns intensify, featuring debates, campaign rallies, and advertisements.

For users interested in the [2024] presidential election, staying updated on the timeline is crucial. Early information and odds can provide valuable insights into potential shifts in candidates’ popularity.

  1. Major Contenders

The US presidential election attracts a diverse field of candidates from various political backgrounds. For the [next] presidential election, potential contenders from both major parties will be in the spotlight.

As the election draws closer, Betfair’s Odds page will showcase the major contenders and their respective odds. Keep an eye on the odds, as they can provide a valuable snapshot of the current state of the race and the perceived chances of each candidate winning.

  1. What to keep an eye on?

5.1 Polls

Polls play a crucial role in US election betting, as they offer insights into the preferences of the electorate. Betfair’s Odds page incorporates polling data into its odds calculation, ensuring that bettors have access to comprehensive information. Keeping track of reputable polling sources can help you make informed betting decisions based on the latest trends and public sentiments.

5.2 Debates

Presidential debates are pivotal moments in the election process, as they allow candidates to present their views and engage with each other directly. These debates can influence public opinion and, in turn, impact betting odds. Watching the debates closely can help you gauge the candidates’ performances and identify potential shifts in their odds.

5.3 News Stories

News stories and campaign developments can significantly impact the dynamics of the election and, consequently, the betting odds. Betfair is committed to updating its odds in real-time based on credible news sources, ensuring that you have access to the most current and accurate odds. Staying informed about the latest news is essential for making well-informed betting decisions.


The US election is not just a political event; it is also a thrilling opportunity for bettors to engage and test their predictive skills. Betfair’s Odds page offers an extensive range of betting markets and real-time odds updates, making it the perfect platform for US election betting. As the [2024] presidential election approaches, stay informed about the latest odds, polls, debates, and news stories to make the most out of your betting experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of US election betting with Betfair! Remember, [US election betting] and [US election odds] are just a click away.

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