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Betting Strategy

LAY 4. Detonator Jack (WIN)

Matt Taylor (DreamTeam): I will be having a strong bet on Kovalica in this race and have it shorter than the current market price. I think Detonator Jack is too short for me at the price as the 2nd favourite.

Betting Strategy

LAY 11. Passeggiata (WIN)

Matt Taylor (DreamTeam): There’s going to be too much pace in this race for this horse and I don’t see it finishing off.

Betting Strategy

LAY 2. Let’srollthedice (WIN)

Kingsley Bartholomew (KingZone) – Coming off a win in Sydney but I think the trip down to Melbourne combined with harder competition will see this horse losing on Saturday.

Want to learn how to lay bet?


When you place a lay bet, you are betting on something not to happen. Let’s think about the Melbourne Cup again. Remember: there can only be one winner. But what about the others trailing behind them? If you place a lay bet in a “Win” market, you can celebrate if the runner tails off at the back of the field.


The Wolfden Lay challenge is a challenge that Wolfden Pros are running in their business. The aim for the Wolfden team is to win 15% on turnover before commission. The team will be laying in all Group 1s across the next 8 weeks.

Rules of the challenge by Wolfden:

Aim to win 15% on turnover before commission.

Risking $200 liability on all win and place lay bets at Betfair Starting Price.

Week 1 Type BSP Result
Stretan Angel Win $37.19 Success
Stretan Angel Place $6.98 Success
Coco Sun Win $9.99 Success
Week 2 Type BSP Result
Coco Sun Win $5.22 Unsuccessful
Front Page Win $7.80 Success
First Immortal Win $3.17 Success
Week 3 Type BSP Result
Amelia’s Jewel Win $4.90 Success
Climbing Star Win $25 Success
What You Need Win $39.34 Success
Skybird Win $13.84 Success
Stanley Express Win Scratched n/a
King’s Capital Win $4.53 Unsuccessful
Week 3 Type BSP Result
I Wish I Wish Win $2.34 Success
Worsfold Win $9 Success
Episodic Win $4.28 Unsuccessful

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