Racing Tips: Your Prediction Model

Betfair’s Data Science team have created a new quantitative model that provides exclusive horse racing tips for every meeting, every day. The new prediction model uses stacked machine learning to predict the odds of each horse, relative to the field. These odds are then ranked from 1-5. The racing tips are shared below.

Ratings Model

Have you seen our prediction new model, with rated prices for every horse in every race? It’s built with the same sophisticated Punting Form data and features but shows you exactly when a horse is value in the market. Check it out here.

What Features Does The Model Use?

The new model uses a number of features which capture the “true” ability of the horse, jockey and trainer. It also uses the horse’s historical sectionals times to the 600m and from the 600m, compared to the benchmark. This rich data is exclusively sourced from Punting Form, one of the most complete horse racing sources you’ll ever find.

All of these features are compared to the next best horse’s statistics in the race, and an optimal weighting is assigned to each feature. The data also relies on historical BSP data from the Betfair Exchange.

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