Paul Krishnamurty – Political Betting Expert

Political Betting Expert, Paul Krishnamurty, sat down with us in a four-part interview for the Betfair Hub.

He discusses his betting background, how he stays ahead of the betting market to find value, what he’s betting on in the upcoming US Election, and who he thinks will be the overall winner.

Paul has written multiple articles for the Betfair Hub and will continue to do so leading into the US Election. You can find those here.

Follow Paul on Twitter here to stay up to date with what he’s betting on and where he see’s value in the deepest markets on the Exchange.

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Political Markets

The 2016 Presidential Election market was the biggest betting market of all time with over $200 million matched on the Exchange. We’re expecting this year’s election to be even bigger.

Check out all the markets Paul mentioned in our interview on the Betfair Exchange.

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