Daily Sectionals: Race Speed Profiles Introduction

Betfair has partnered with Vince Accardi from Daily Sectionals to give Betfair customers an edge. Unlike the corporates, at Betfair, winners are wanted and we’re here to help you BetSmart.

Race Speed Profiles (RSPs) give you the edge by measuring a runner’s level of energy exertion in three parts of the race; the early, middle and late closing sections.

RSP’s use sectional times and Vince’s own Incremental Velocity Rating’s (IVRs), which are a measure in meters per second (MPS) of each individual horse and how quickly it travels between point A and B.

Vince then finds the average speed of all runners in the race for three sections (early, middle and late) to create a benchmark for that race. Each horse will either be above or below that benchmark for each section, with horses that exceed it exerting less energy and those below exerting more energy to hold their position in running.

Horses that exert less energy or can conserve energy relative to their racing pattern are more likely to win than those who overexert, giving punters greater insight and confidence in Backing or Laying.


Watch the video below to learn how to read RSP’s and take your betting to the next level!

What: Early Edition RSP’s are now available for Melbourne & Sydney Saturday metropolitan racing, as well as Vince’s Final commentary and interpretation of two of those races.

When: Every Friday from midday for the Early Edition Melbourne & Sydney Metros. Vince’s commentary (Final Edition RSP’s) will be available Saturday morning from 10am.

Purchase: For further clarity you can purchase Vince’s Final Edition RSP’s with full comments at $55 per meeting via www.dailysectionals.com.au.



Race Speed Profiles