Cricket Trading Tips: Expert Trading Selections

Matt Barker, a pro cricket trader, will be providing his best cricket trading tips and analysis for selected games during the summer, as well as his thoughts at the end of play on days one and three of Tests.

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For the first 19 overs of the fourth T20 it looked like New Zealand were going to romp in, seal another clean sweep of bets and the series bet. All was rosy until Finch planted Jamieson into the Westpac stands and gave Australia both a good score and confidence going into the second half of the game. They duly completed the job with the ball to level the series at 2-2. Thankfully the sixes unders won easily.

It has been an excellent summer of tips on these previews and hopefully I can find a winner to round off the season. There won’t be a match odds bet as I’m riding a NZ series winner bet so fingers crossed they can get the chocolates. I don’t really see much pre off value in the match odds market. Spin and pace off deliveries should be the way to go again on a surface that could well get even slower.

The unknown is the Wellington weather, which is unsettled for the morning of the game. With an early start this could be a factor.

I’m happy to play the sixes unders again at 13.5. There were only four in the last game aside from the crazy final over in Australia’s innings and I feel this line is probably 3 high. $1.80 is fine. It should be hard to score and teams may well set their sights lower to 150-160 if they’re smart. The chasing side could easily fall in a heap too, as happened in the 4th game.

Betting Strategy

BACK — Under 13.5 sixes at $1.80+

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