Cricket Betting: New Line Markets now Available

Our new Cricket line markets are now available exclusively on the Betfair Exchange mobile app!

If you enjoy betting on cricket markets like Innings Runs and Over Totals, then Betfair’s new cricket line markets may just be the thing for you.

On these markets you can bet on the total number of runs in a given interval just like Innings Runs and Over Totals; however the difference between these new markets and traditional markets is these markets are indexed by the runs (the line), not by the price – the price will always remain $2!

You will notice that the colour of the boxes is green and not the traditional pink and blue like the rest of the Betfair Exchange. This is because the markets are quite different from backing and laying, instead you are betting whether the runs go over or under.

Another benefit of these markets is that they always give you the opportunity to bet on the most relevant line in-play at a hugely competitive 2.0 price.

So if you think your team is going well and on track to score a few runs in the first few overs, then place your bet on Over 65.5 runs and get matched at odds of $2. Simple as the game of cricket itself.

Watch out for these new, mobile-only markets which will be available from the start of this year’s Indian Premier League.


Are these markets available on Desktop? 

They aren’t yet, but we’ll be looking to release this soon and targeting the Cricket World Cup.

Will the market view contain P&L tables? 

Not yet but this is something that we will be working on soon and making available for both Mobile and Desktop later in the year.

What matches will I find these markets on? 

We’ll be offering these markets on the vast majority of international matches and global domestic tournaments.

When will the market be settled? 

These markets will be settled when the named over is completed and at no time before.

Can I cash out on these markets? 

At the moment we have no plans to release Cash Out functionality on Line Markets.

Do Line Markets have something comparable to Best Price Execution? 

Yes -  if you’re betting on over 33.5 runs and then over 31.5 runs becomes available your bet will be placed on over 31.5 runs.

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