It may come as a surprise but greyhound racing is one of the most popular betting markets on the Exchange. The frequency and consistency of greyhound racing puts it second to only thoroughbreds in terms of betting volumes.

Therefore it’s arguably one of the most opportune betting markets available.

To help you get started, we’re sharing some greyhound punting strategies, as well as sharing a customer story from a real pro greyhound punter.

Greyhound Racing Introduction

Greyhound betting has surged in popularity over the past 18 months and is now the second highest turnover code ...

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Early Speed

Out of the three racing codes, early speed at the start of the race is by far the most ...

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Greyhound Habits v Competitor Habits

One of the most important aspects of being a successful greyhound punter is studying race replays, often the same ...

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Top Trainers, Plus How To Convert City and Country Form

Most greyhound followers generally know the best trainers state to state, and for good reason. Trainers such as Jason ...

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Products and Resources

At Betfair, we want winners. Aided by a catalogue of information provided in the previous Greyhound Betting Strategies articles, ...

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Track Influence and Box Bias

Just like with any racing code, there is always track bias that we need to allow for. Tracks generally ...

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