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Tom Happells Betting Strategies

BACK: Justin Rose top European Points scorer at $14.00 

BACK: Tommy Fleetwood top European points scorer at $8.00 (Loves the Ryder Cup, secured 4 out 5 points in his debut in 2018, halved his singles match in 2021. This format suits him)  

BACK: Scottie Scheffler top USA points scorer at $5.50 (deserving favourite. Unflappable character, the crowd won’t worry him.)  

BACK: Nicolai Hojgaard top overall rookie points scorer at $10.00 (Won 3.5 points out of a possible 4 in this years Hero Cup, has won on this course in 2021, and had a top 5 there this year, value.) 

BACK: Sam Burns top overall rookie point scorer at $6.00 (atoned for his poor presidents cup with a domination in this years WGC Matchplay, likely to be paired with Scheffler and will play a lot of golf.) 

BACK: USA Day 1 Fourballs winner at $2.50 (The last 3 Ryder cups in Europe combined, USA has a total 8-4 record in points scored in day 1 fourballs, this is a great bet and they should be shorter.) 

Harry Stanley’s Betting Strategies

BACK: Europe to win at $2+

BACK: Rahm top European Point Scorer at $6.20 (won 4 times on tour this year and his most recent start finished 4)

LAY: Ludvig top Rookie Points Scorer at no greater than $5 (rookie season, rookie appearance at the Ryder Cup, just think he’s too short)

BACK: Brian Harman Top Rookie Points Scorer at $11 (loves match play, prolonged his amateur career at the University of Georgia to play in a 3rd Walker Cup Team in 2009. Was the Youngest ever member of the 10-man team in 2005 (Speith (18 – 5 months younger) beat that in 2011, the Akshay Bhatia (17) in 2019 undefeated in foursomes 3-0-1)

BACK: Europe Day 1 Foursomes Winner at $2.50

Ryder Cup Tips and Predictions | Overview

Betting on The Ryder Cup: Your Ultimate Guide to Winning Strategies


The Ryder Cup is one of the most prestigious events in the world of golf, pitting the best golfers from the United States against those from Europe in a thrilling battle of skill, strategy, and teamwork. If you’re looking to enhance your Ryder Cup experience and maybe even make some wagers, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll not only provide you with insights into The Ryder Cup but also show you how to bet on this exciting event using the Betfair Exchange.

The Ryder Cup Overview

Before diving into betting strategies, let’s start with a brief overview of The Ryder Cup. This biennial tournament, held every two years, showcases the talents of top golfers from both sides of the Atlantic. The competition consists of a series of matches, including foursomes, four-ball, and singles, spread over three days. The team that accumulates the most points during these matches claims the coveted Ryder Cup trophy.

The Ryder Cup Tips

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of betting on The Ryder Cup. To increase your chances of winning, you need some valuable tips:

  • Understand the Format: The Ryder Cup features different match formats, including foursomes, four-ball, and singles. Each format requires a unique strategy. For instance, foursomes demand teamwork and precision, while four-ball allows for more aggressive play.
  • Team Performance: Analyze the recent performance of both the European and American teams. Look at their past Ryder Cup records, player chemistry, and individual form. This will help you identify potential winners in specific matches.
  • Course Knowledge: Research the host course. Some courses may favor certain playing styles or offer advantages to particular teams. Understanding the course can give you valuable insights into potential outcomes.
  • Player Statistics: Dive into player statistics, including driving accuracy, putting performance, and past Ryder Cup performances. Identify key players who excel in these areas, as they can be match-winners.
  • Betfair Exchange: Utilize the Betfair Exchange for your wagers. It allows you to back (bet for) or lay (bet against) outcomes, providing unique opportunities to hedge your bets and maximize your profits.


The Ryder Cup Preview

Leading up to The Ryder Cup, there’s a wealth of information available to help you make informed bets:

  • Official Ryder Cup Website: The official Ryder Cup website is a treasure trove of information. It provides detailed player profiles, team updates, and live scoring during the event.
  • Expert Analysis: Keep an eye on expert golf analysts and commentators. They often offer valuable insights into player form, team dynamics, and potential strategies.
  • Recent Tournament Results: Analyze the results of recent golf tournaments, especially those featuring Ryder Cup team members. Strong performances leading up to the event can be indicative of players in top form.

Now, let’s explore how you can wager on The Ryder Cup using the Betfair Exchange:

  • Create a Betfair Account: If you don’t already have one, start by creating an account on Betfair Australia’s website. It’s a straightforward process that requires some basic personal information.
  • Deposit Funds: To place bets, you’ll need to deposit funds into your Betfair account. Betfair offers various payment methods, including credit cards and bank transfers.
  • Explore Ryder Cup Markets: Navigate to the Ryder Cup section on Betfair Exchange. Here, you’ll find a range of markets to bet on, including match outcomes, hole-by-hole betting, and more.
  • Back and Lay Bets: Betfair Exchange allows you to both back (bet for) and lay (bet against) outcomes. This unique feature enables you to trade positions and manage your bets dynamically.
  • Cash Out: Betfair Exchange also offers a cash-out feature, allowing you to secure a profit or limit losses before a match or tournament concludes.


The Ryder Cup is not just a showcase of golfing talent but also an exciting opportunity for sports betting enthusiasts. By understanding the tournament format, staying updated with player performances, and using the Betfair Exchange to your advantage, you can enhance your Ryder Cup experience and potentially win big. So, get ready to tee off your bets and enjoy The Ryder Cup like never before!

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