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Identity Verification

Do you need to complete your Betfair ID Check? Or want to know what's involved? Please read the information below. This mandatory process is required by Betfair to comply with licensing and responsible gambling initiatives.

We require all new customers to verify the identity of their account within 72 hours of registration. Until your Identity is verified you can still use the Exchange but some restrictions are in place.

Before VerificationAfter Verification
Not able to deposit or withdraw fundsDeposit or Withdraw funds
Account temporarily suspended 72 hours after you join until you’re verifiedMaintain full control over your account and funds

As you can see, the benefits of completing your identity verification process have obvious appeal.

How to verify

There are two methods of verifying your identity.

Electronic Verification

The first try happens behinds the scenes. When you join Betfair we automatically attempt to verify your identity electronically.

Most new accounts are verified in this way, and you will receive an email to let you know that you are verified as soon as it happens. Automatic verification usually takes place shortly after you have registered with Betfair.

Personal Identification (where you fail electronic verification)

If we cannot verify you electronically, we will send you an SMS containing a link to complete our verification process via Scantek. You will be required to take photos of a drivers licence or passport, as well as a series of ‘selfies’ to confirm that you are the holder of the KYC documentation. Scantek is a trusted partner of Betfair, who provides identity scanning services to both Australian government entities and large-scale companies.

 The following step-by-step process is straightforward to follow and should be completed within a matter of minutes. If you are having any issues completing the journey, please contact Betfair’s helpdesk on 1300 238 324

  1. You will have received a SMS request to upload supplementary document (s). Tap the link to open the web-based Document Upload application.
  2. Select your primary form of document; passport or an Australian Driver’s Licence. Tap I have my documents ready

Consent screen – tap Continue to consent to and enable the phone camera and location; to accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

  1. Tap the primary form of document to begin the capture process.

Line the ID up with the guidelines while holding the device as still as possible to capture the ID.

  1. Review the extracted ID data and tap Submit.

To confirm your details are correct and provide consent tap Submit.

  1. Tap Continue to proceed to the guided liveness check with facial biometrics.

Tap I’m ready to begin and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the capture process.

The verification process is complete.


  • Wipe the camera lens for a clearer image.
  • Avoid holding the ID under direct light to prevent glare.
  • Follow the onscreen guides and instructions.
  • Do not obstruct the edges of the ID. When holding the ID, ensure the edges of the ID are visible.
  • Lay the ID in the palm of your hand or on a flat surface and hold the camera steady above the ID.
  • Do not move the camera whilst capturing the document(s).
  • Tilt the ID at a slight angle if needed.
  • Ensure you have a working internet connection.

General troubleshooting steps

There are many variables involved when verifying your identity remotely, however, most issues can be resolved with a few simple steps.

If you are encountering issues, please complete the following:

  • Check that you are using a mobile device (a phone or a tablet that does not have a keyboard).  Refer to Is my device compatible? for extra help.
  • Restart your mobile device.
  • Close all open browser windows on your device.
  • Check your internet connection - the easiest way to do this is to see if you can access other websites. 
  • Check that you have the operating system updates installed for your device.
  • Check that you have enabled all notifications requested (Camera and/or Location).  
  • Check the camera lens is clean.
  • Forward the SMS received from Betfair to a trusted friend or family member with a later model mobile device to complete the VOI

If you continue to have issues, please contact the organisation that has requested your identity to be verified who can assist you with an alternative verification process.


What do I need to complete my verification of identity (VOI)?

To complete a VOI, you will require:

  1. a mobile device with a camera;
  2. the requested document(s); and
  3. a plain and clean surface.

Which device is recommended to complete a verification of identity (VOI)?

A mobile device with a working camera. For the best experience, we recommend:

  • iPhone or iPad iOS 13 and above using Safari
  • Android Version 8 and above using a recent version of Chrome

Which Internet browsers can I use?

We recommend using Google Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS) to complete the VOI process.

Which IDs are acceptable?

Acceptable forms of primary documents include passports, Australian Drivers Licenses and Learners Permit.

How is my information stored?

All data is stored on Australian servers – so your personal information will never leave the country.

Scantek are ISO 27001 Information Security Management compliant – so you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Personal information is handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws and complying with The Privacy Act 1988, the ACC Act 2002, the Australian Privacy Principles and all relevant registered APP codes. We use a number of techniques, including encryption, password protection, access limitations and intrusion detection, to protect your data.

For more information, please refer to Scantek’s Privacy Policy.

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