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North Melbourne become the sixth team in competition history to reach a Grand Final, getting here in a thrilling style after a one-point victory over the Crows.

Their opponents Brisbane are now the first team to reach five Grand Finals in the competition having snuck home against the Cats last Saturday.

Brisbane have the one premiership with three previous Grand Final defeats, with those losses coming by  6,6 and 4 points respectively.

The earlier meeting this year was also close, with the Lions winning by two points on that occasion.

The main knock on the Roos had always been their ability to beat the other contenders in any given season. If they win this week they’ll will have completely the hat-trick by defeating all three rivals within the top four in consecutive matches, thus silencing the doubters and hoisting the cup.

Brisbane will also be eager to shake that bridesmaid tag!

In terms of breaking this down we look at the zones.

North have the best defensive numbers in the competition comfortably, and their forward line is functioning as well as it has all year.

They took 16 marks inside 50 last week against the Crows, even if they didn’t convert many of those.

Both midfields are sensational but the Kangaroos momentum, home state advantage and form across all lines will get them home for a vindicating Premiership.

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North Melbourne


The AFL W enters season number 8, after two seasons were held during 2022.

Melbourne are the defending premiers having toppled Brisbane in a thriller.

The league started with 8 teams before expanding to 10 in 2019, 14 in 2021 and the full 18 teams in 2022.

AFL W is the most attended women’s football competition in Australia.

Adelaide have won 3 premierships to be the competition’s most successful club, with the Brisbane Lions appearing in 4 grand finals, but winning just the 1.

The 2020 season was abandoned on the eve of the finals due to the outbreak of Covid-19 with no premier declared.

The Bulldogs and Melbourne have each won one premiership in the competition’s history.

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