If you’ve made it this far, there’s a good chance you’re already comfortable with placing bets, staking appropriately and have your head around all the core concepts that come with the wagering landscape.

In this section, we’ll look to question the way you think about odds and highlight the value advantage that the Betfair Exchange has over Totes and other corporate bookmakers.

All of our advanced learning concepts were carefully handcrafted to assist in your onboarding process. They are also some of the most advanced concepts on the Hub.

If you’ve skipped over our Basic or Intermediate Learning sections, we suggest you take a step back and grasp those concepts first.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy our Advanced Learning concepts.

Once you’ve taken the time to absorb all of our Advanced Learning concepts, you can now rest assured that you are across all of the fundamental Betfair leaning. However, your journey does not stop there.

In fact, we’re bursting at the seam with educational content. All of which, will help you master the Betfair Exchange.

Our next two areas of reading take a slightly different shape.

In our Psychology of Betting series, you will go inside the mind of a punter and learn what separates winners from losers.

Next, you’ll find our Customer Insights section. A racing journalist sits down with successful Betfair clients and talks about how they became a pro punter. You’ll often pick up specific strategies that apply to your betting and understand how some of our biggest clients started established their betting edge.

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