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Michelle Waterson v Marina Rodriguez

Taking a bit of a contrarian stance here, but I feel that laying Rodriguez decision is a great approach to this fight. It’s short notice, Rodriguez has a considerable size and power advantage, but a notable issue with getting controlled on the mat.

Michelle’s rather petite, and would likely be comfortable fighting at 105 pounds at Atomweight. However, she’s historically been willing to spam takedown attempts, and I feel that if Rodriguez gets enough standing time to win a decision that she’s probably putting some serious work in towards a KO.


Rodriguez KO

Betting Strategy

 LAY — Marina Rodriguez Decision at $1.70 for 1.5 units

Mike Trizano v Ludovit Klein

Bit of a shot in the dark here, with Trizano coming off a two-year layoff after losing to Dawson’s pressure grappling, but I’m pretty sceptical that Klein can be favored at such a price here. Klein had a great debut against New Zealand’s Shane Young, scoring an early headkick knockout in highlight reel fashion, but unless he manages to repeat that I’m thinking that Mike Trizano’s the side.

Klein’s a pretty keep-it-simple-stupid application of Southpaw striking principles. A strong application of the south triple attack built around keeping opponents guessing between the classic triple threat of left straight, left headkick and left body kick. My main issues with him are that he’s not the busiest fighter, his grappling’s still largely a question mark off the European regional scenes, and I’m not sure how good his cardio is.

Trizano’s layoff is a bit of a question mark, but I’m generally a big advocate for Tiger Schullman’s approach to fighting. It’s usually an up-tempo, busy striking style that makes me feel that Trizano should be the minute winner in this bout if he doesn’t end up catching a shin to the face. I also feel that Trizano’s got the better grappling skills (even if I’m not expecting him to proactively grapple) which could easily be another feather in his cap.

I’d be going a bit bigger if we had footage, but as such I’m going to recommend a small pre-fight bet and then adding in-play after a round on Trizano. Klein’s best round will likely be the first round (along with being the most likely time for a big kick KO), and I think Trizano pulls away down the stretch.


Trizano Decision

Betting Strategy

BACK — Mike Trizano at $3.05 for 1.25 units. Look to add live after Round 1.

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