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Pedro Munhoz v Jimmie Rivera

This fight’s a rematch of a crazy war from the beginning of the UFC careers of these top 5 Bantamweights, and I don’t get why the Inside The Distance line is hanging at such wide underdog odds.

The matchup dynamic favours action, as Munhoz is essentially incapable of defence and is ridiculously high tempo with his output and Rivera’s usual safety valve of grappling is hard to pull off against somebody with Munhoz’ credentials.

Rivera’s the cleaner fighter technically, but I’d consider his durability to be a bit below where the average fighter in the division is. Munhoz might be more aggression and pace than form, but I’d consider him one of the most durable fighters in Bantamweight history. Consequentially I’m tempted to take a further lean on Munhoz KO, but Munhoz is way too live to jump a guillotine on a hurt fighter for the risk to be worth it.

It’s also a small cage bout on account of the UFC APEX, which has generally driven finish outcomes in lower weight classes, and I’m expecting a proverbial ‘crazy war’.


Munhoz Finish Round 2

Betting Strategy

BACK — Ends Inside The Distance at $3.00 for 2 units

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