Professional Cricket Trading Setup

Cricket continues to grow as a sport on Betfair with eye-watering high liquidity in the markets. This presents an opportunity and where there is an opportunity, there is potential profit.

In this article, Caan Berry explains how to set-up to have the perfect conditions to trade cricket fast and effectively. There might be a tonne of money in the markets, but it moves fast and you have to move with it if you want to profit.

You can check out more from Caan Berry in his education series section on the Betfair Hub.

What you need to Trade Cricket

To put everything in place to trade cricket, you need to have a “very important checklist” and a “helpful checklist.” The very important stuff is what you need to have, and the helpful stuff is just that, extra little bits that will give you an edge over the average trader.

The very important checklist is:

  • Hard-wired internet connection or very reliable WiFi
  • One-click betting software
  • TV pictures as close to live as possible (Fox Sports Cricket the quickest)

Added to that, what’s helpful to have:

  • An office or desk space to trade
  • A good and reliable weather radar
  • Two screen monitor or two laptops
  • Radio, if that provides an edge over TV pictures

How they will help you trade cricket

Let’s go through the bullets in more detail.

If you want to trade cricket successfully, you really need fast and reliable internet, one click betting, and TV pictures that aren’t miles behind live play. Cricket is a very fast-moving market and you need to react quickly. You have to get your trades in and out of the market when the time is right, otherwise, you’ll just get left behind.

I recommend using Geekstoy for one-click betting software, however, there are others available and you should choose what layout suits you. One-click betting is an absolute must for cricket trading. You can’t waste time in getting your bets on as so much volume goes through the market, you can easily miss the prices you want. One-click betting is very easy to use and there’s absolutely no reason not to have it.

Additionally to the big three, having a weather radar is very important for trading cricket because Duckworth-Lewis can have such a big impact on the markets. I would recommend a two monitors or two laptops because of that – one screen for the market and the other for a few helpful tabs – weather radar, scoring update sites like Cricinfo to see who can bowl the next over, recent ground data and anything else you need.

I wouldn’t rule out using radio because sometimes radio can be ahead of the TV pictures and because cricket takes place over a number of hours it’s definitely worth it to have an office or at least a desk space to trade.

If you have all that in place, then you’re ready to tackle the cricket markets. Cricket is now one of the biggest sports on Betfair by volume traded, so there are plenty of edges to be gained in the market. When you have everything set up correctly and one-click betting at your fingertips – it’s time to implement some strategies!

A Strategy for Test Cricket

Laying the draw is a very common Test Cricket strategy, so let’s discuss that in more detail. Check out this table below:

Year Back Draw Lay Draw
2009 -3.22 2.33
2010 -2.1 6.11
2011 -6.05 2.48
2012 -12.9 5.42
2013 -7.62 0.98
2014 -11.7 9.93
2015 -15.92 5.8
2016 -17.89 6.05
2017 -16.25 4.3
2018 -17.03 5.17
2019 -22.34 2.9
Total as of Guide Created -143.02 51.47

This table is from my Cricket Guide, a quick sample of the type of data and strategy that you can expect from a cricket trading professional.

What it shows is that if you laid the draw in test cricket for one unit per bet blind over the last ten years you would have made a profit every year. It’s a remarkable stat, and shows why data is powerful.

Broken down into trading terms; it shows that the draw is massively over-bet in Test cricket and this presents a massive opportunity to profit. Why is the draw overbet so much? It’s because the biggest driving force in cricket prices is the weight of money from cricket fans in Asia, and they all love backing the draw. This sends the price off too short and the data shows the value in laying it.

You can increase your profits though by waiting to trade the draw price in-running on Betfair. Usually, the draw price will go shorter in-running after a slow start or when the team batting first scores runs easily. When draw backers see that the pitch is good for batting they increase their bets on the draw; thus creating even more value for draw layers.

It’s remarkable that laying the draw blind has proven profitable for more than ten years. Can you think of another sport that this would happen? It certainly wouldn’t happen on football with all the big betting syndicates and their algorithms. The figures account for commission too – that’s why there’s such a big difference between backing and laying.

It also shows what a poor value bet backing the draw can be. Of course, we will see a number of draws per year on Test cricket, but it seems that you have to be “lucky” to pick the correct match to back the draw. Clearly weather has a big impact on Test cricket and with the way players are playing these days, you need a lot of rain for the match to finish with a draw!

When you have the correct set-up and good strategies in place, trading cricket is one of the best opportunities on Betfair. While I may have highlighted one Test Cricket strategy, there are a tonne more for ODI’s and T20’s and that’s when one-click betting is worth its weight in gold.

Once you get your set up right, those markets with $50 million traded are now brilliant opportunities to trade successfully.

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