Professional Cricket Trader: Tools & Setup

It’s possible to make a profit trading cricket using just the Betfair interface and your own knowledge. But it’s not advisable. There are some vital tools that I use to make the job of finding crucial information quicker and easier.

Betfair API + Betting Applications

Geeks Toy, Gruss, BetAngel etc.

There is so much crucial information and mistakes made on Betfair that you need to be able to take advantage of and being able to see 3 prices that refresh every 5 seconds on the Betfair web page is definitely not going to cut it.

With these APIs you can see as many different individual prices in a ‘ladder’ format as you screen will allow and the prices refresh multiple times per second meaning you see every bet placed into the market and what prices are being taken. This is particularly important in a fast moving T20 cricket market where events on the field can dictate huge odds fluctuations every ball. If a team need 8 off 2 balls they are going to be big underdogs and if they hit a 6 that ball they are going to be huge favourites. If you have a 3rd party APP, you can see these odds fluctuations quickly and if you can successfully compute value in your brain quickly and act on it you can get extreme value prices in the crazy late parts of any cricket match.


Social media is the way we find out all news these days. Anything that happens in the world is broken on social media first and sport is no different.

Team news, toss news, conditions, pitch reports – they are all broken on Twitter. In a world where knowledge is power and acquiring the knowledge first or close to first could equal dollars, it makes complete sense to make sure you have a Twitter account and you are following as many journalists, teams, players etc. as possible. Rest assured that your competition on the screens have most of this information, so not having it puts you at a significant disadvantage before you even log in to Betfair.

Cricinfo / Cricbuzz

ESPNCricinfo  used to be the only source for cricket research but after doing the vile update to their site, it’s become almost impossible to find any information. So we now use Cricbuzz. Both of these sites are used to garner info on overs bowled, overs left in the day, overs left per bowler etc. All of this info is important, especially when working out who will bowl which overs at the end of a T20 or ODI.

Multiple Screens & A Wi-Fi Backup

It goes without saying that having Betfair, Twitter, Cricinfo / Cricbuzz, bookie sites and any other info you need open won’t fit on one laptop screen. You need a trading desk with multiple monitors and obviously somewhere to view the game.

Also, you need a fail-safe if the power fails or the Wi-Fi collapses. I have a phone with the Betfair App available to hand and disconnected to Wi-Fi. Others have multiple Wi-Fi connections in their home. And obviously if something like that happens make sure to cut your position and start again once you have full control over it again. Don’t run a position that you don’t have control over.


Once you begin pursuing cricket trading, you’ll quickly notice that just having Betfair on one device puts you at a disadvantage. You’ll quickly want to improve your hardware and software situation. A comfortable desk with multiple screens, including a television, is a pro trading must. As are the third party betting applications that help you monitor market movements and place bets quicker.

Professional Cricket Trader: Tools & Setup

It’s possible to make a profit trading cricket using just the Betfair interface and your own knowledge. But it’s ...

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