HUB 101: Where Do I Start?

Betfair’s Hub exists to make you smarter. Really. Betfair isn’t a corporate bookmaker that bans you for winning on promos or closes your account because you’re too smart at horse racing.

Betfair is a betting exchange operator, and winners are wanted at Betfair.

1. Insights by Experts

The first place to hang out is our Insights section. From The Hub Guide you’ll see betting previews for every major sporting event of the year.

However, what sets these apart is they’re not written by ‘Joe the Punter’ who recommends putting every favourite into a multi. They’re written by legitimate experts. Horse racing teams and quant syndicates, or real on-course bookies and pro punters sharing the horses they’re ‘laying’ (betting against).

Check out:

2. how to bet on betfair

The Betfair Exchange can be an intimidating experience for some users, so we like to educate new clients on how it works. There’s a great series of videos which does this in just minutes. And some additional written materials which will talk you through Backing & Laying.

One specific product to learn about is the Betfair Starting Price (BSP). If you’re used to backing horses best tote, then you may be able to improve your results by using BSP.

3. Betting Principles & Psychology

Before you start betting up, you need to understand two components. Mindset and value.

Jack Houghton does an incredible job at teaching you how to use discipline in his betting psychology articles. Even the pros need to revisit this material constantly.

6. In addition, you need to understand the principles of punting.

4. Pro Punting Strategies

The next step in your educational journey should be strategies that are specific to your sport.

In the BetSmart Racing Series Daniel O’Sullivan shares one of the most detailed racing educations you’ll find.

5. automated betting

An option available to Betfair customers is automated betting.

We have a bunch of Tools to help. They could be third party apps that speed up your trading or specific resources that help you access the Betfair API. We’ve also got Data, a dedicated GitHub page and many other resources in our Automated Betting Station.