How To Promo Arb The 2020 AFL Season

The AFL season kicked off last night and it’s always a cause to celebrate for people who promo arb AFL games. Matched betting is the process of using bookmaker promotions to gain an edge. You place bets on every possible outcome to ensure you get the same amount of money back regardless of the outcome. Then if a promotion triggers you make a profit.

Pretty much all of the corporate bookmakers run promotions on the AFL to encourage you to bet with them. The Bonus Money guide below will give you an example of how you can gain an edge on two of the most lucrative promotions.

The Offers

Sportsbet is running a promotion this week where they will settle your bet as a winner if your team is leading by six points or more at half time.

Pointsbet’s promotions is even better where if your team leads at half time they will

Sportsbet applies to pre-match singles in the Head to Head market up to a $250 stake while Pointsbet applies to pre-match singles in the Head to Head market up to a $150 stake.

How to take advantage

By placing bets at Sportsbet and Pointsbet and dutching these bets on Betfair, we can create an opportunity to get a big payout if a team leads by at halftime but then loses.

If we look at Thursday’s game as an example

Friday 26th of June at 19:50 AEST

GWS v Collingwood

Bookmaker Bet Amount Odds
Sportsbet Back Collingwood 250 1.90
Pointsbet Back Collingwood 150 1.95
Betfair Back GWS 400 1.94

Possible outcomes

If Collingwood lead by 6 points or more at half time but then lose you will make $734.53 profit

If Collingwood lead by less than 6 points at half time but then lose you will make $259.53

Any other result and you will lose $32.97

greater profits

While the above offers have the potential to score you some large profits, there are another eight bookmakers offering promotions currently on the AFL head to head markets. Find out more about them at

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