Betfair Starting Price


Whether you’re a back or lay punter, you’ll get on easily at a great price with the Betfair Starting Price.

Automatically calculated and available across a range of thoroughbred, harness & greyhounds races, The Betfair Starting Price allows back and lay punters to match their bets against each other at a fair and transparent price.

Why the Betfair Starting Price?

Print  Better Odds

Print  Bets matched quickly & easily

Print  Set minimum & maximum odds limits

Print  No unmatched or partially matched bets

Print  Back-up for unmatched & partially matched bets

BSP v Best Tote Spring 2016

How is the Betfair SP different to the Traditional SP?

Traditionally in Australia, the Starting Price for any horse in any race has been determined by the most common prevailing price available in the bookmakers ring at the meet in question. Betfair’s Starting Price is different.

It’s based on bets placed by both backers and layers in any market. At the start of an event is looks at the relationship between the amount of money requested at SP by opposing customers and any unmatched Exchange bets.

There’s no margin for profit built in – and that’s why we think it will give you much better value, even after taking account of commission paid on your net winnings.

Where can I bet on the Betfair SP?

Australia – Thoroughbred win markets and place markets for Sky 1 meetings. It’s also available on Australian Harness and Greyhound win markets except for full Sky 2 meetings.

New Zealand – Thoroughbred win markets.

International – Thoroughbred win markets across selected racing around the world.

How to place an SP Bet?

Firstly, you need to have the ‘Betfair Starting Price’ box ticked within Settings. This will bring up a new column in the market view allowing you to Back or Lay at SP.

Full SP Betting – you can place the full stake of your wager down on the SP by clicking on the Back or Lay SP button.

Unmatched SP Betting – you can take a price at the Back or Lay odds and if your bet is partially matched, you are prompted to ‘Take SP’ for the unmatched amount. By clicking ‘Take SP’ and updating your bet, when the event turns in-play, any unmatched amounts will automatically be matched at the SP price. This also applies to bets that may be fully unmatched when the event turns in-play – the SP provides convenience ensuring you get you stake matched.

Want to see a direct comparison of the Betfair Starting Price with Best Tote? You won’t bet on a tote product again once you see the data.

Have you got other questions about the Betfair Starting Price? Check out the Betfair SP FAQs page.

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