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What is MatchMe?

MatchMe is a new toggle feature on the Betfair App that can boost your chances of your BACK bet being matched.

When customers are unable to get a Back bet matched on the Exchange, they’re forced to either cancel or adjust their odds or stake in real time. This can be an issue for customers betting right before an event’s scheduled start time. So we created MatchMe, designed to reduce the hassle of unmatched bets. It’s a simple feature leaving you less likely to miss out before the jump.

Note: MatchMe is now available to all Australian and New Zealand Betfair customers when using the iPhone App (version 1.8.3 or later), Android App (version 1.1.12657 or later) and the Betfair mobile website. This feature is not available on the desktop site.

Why use MatchMe?

MatchMe is a feature that helps you get your bets fully matched at the best available odds on the Betfair Exchange. It protects the bet from price movements, while also finding the best price within a pre-determined range.

MatchMe is especially useful in situations where odds are constantly changing, such as in the last minute before a horse race and particularly when it goes In – Play. Without MatchMe, you may miss out on the opportunity to get your bet matched at its desired price, or may have to spend time editing your bet at lower odds. With MatchMe, you can can opt-in and let the feature do the work for you, increasing the chances of getting your bet fully matched at a favourable price. Another scenario of where using MatchMe would be advantageous is when you’re looking to place a bet with a stake larger than the amount currently available at the best BACK odds. For example, if you want to place a $50 BACK bet but you can see there’s only $40 of liquidity at the current best price, using MatchMe means you can easily get your $50 bet matched at the best available price in a single bet (i.e. $40 placed at the requested odds, plus $10 at the next best available odds)

How do I use MatchMe?

  1. After clicking on a BACK bet (blue) selection from a Sport or Racing market you will see the ‘MatchMe’ toggle button. 
  2. Turn on MatchMe so that the toggle button turns green. 
  3. Once the MatchMe feature is enabled, click ‘Place Bet’ and ‘Confirm’ your bet and it will attempt to match your full stake at the best available odds. 


Note: Please ensure you have the latest version of the Betfair app installed

iPhone Betfair App: CLICK HERE

Betfair Android App: CLICK HERE 

What if I have an unmatched bet?

You can still use MatchMe for an unmatched bet by following the steps below: 

1. Select the ‘Bet with MatchMe’ button for your ‘Unmatched’ bet and confirm 

2. Once pressed and confirmed it will attempt to match your full stake at the best available odds 

How does MatchMe work?

It’s a smart bet order type which uses logic to find you the best odds available for your desired stake. It ultimately boosts your chances of being fully matched when placing a bet within an odds range that you are willing to accept. Note: MatchMe is only available for BACK bets placed on mobile.


What will happen if the odds move downward outside the range after I have placed my bet with MatchMe, but before my bet is matched?

This will be treated like any normal unmatched bet and will be placed into the market unmatched at the original odds you requested when placing the bet. At this point the bet can only be matched at the odds you requested, and if those odds become available again after you have placed your bet; or will remain unmatched if odds do not become available that are at least equal to those you requested.

MatchMe is a feature to assist with matching your bet at initial bet placement. If your bet is still unmatched or partially matched after the initial bet placement then it is subject to the standard exchange mechanics with regards to unmatched or partial matched bets.


How do I switch “MatchMe” on or off?

The MatchMe feature is available by default for all customers, meaning it will automatically appear as an option when placing a BACK bet. 
You will have the choice to optin to using this feature when placing a bet, following the instructions above (‘How do I use MatchMe?’).  
If you choose not to enable the MatchMe feature when placing a bet your order will be placed on the Exchange in the same way as it always has in the past. 
However, you can switch off this feature completely at any time via your app Settings, which can be found under ‘My Account. Doing this will mean that the MatchMe option will no longer be displayed when placing a BACK bet. You can turn it back on again via the same steps. 

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