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The Betfair Exchange can be overwhelming when you first visit. How to use Betfair can not always be clear. These education videos will help you through the concepts of the Betfair Exchange.

For more on how to use the Betfair Exchange, check out these articles on the Betfair Hub.

Learn more about how the Betfair Exchange works. It’s a Peer-To-Peer exchange between two punters looking for better value. Back, Lay or Trade and Master The Game Within The Game.

Learn how Lay betting works on the Betfair Exchange. This video explains that Lay betting is unique to Betfair and allows you to bet on a outcome not to win.

Learn how markets form on the Betfair Exchange., where the odds are set by punters, not by the house.

Overwhelmed or New to betting on The Exchange? Learn how to Back & Lay with Betfair. Master The Game Within The Game.

Think of the Betfair as the stock exchange of racing and sport. Having the ability to both back and lay allows you the opportunity to profit regardless of the outcome.

Learn about another way to bet on the Exchange, get market leading odds with the Betfair Starting Price.

There is no margin built in to the odds on the Betfair Exchange, instead we charge a small commission on the winning side of the bet.

Betfair’s markets offer better value for punters. Learn how odds are calculated, what market percentage means and how our commission works.

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