Betfair’s Best Betting Apps: 3rd Party Tools

This article will show you the Best Betting Apps that plug into Betfair. These tools, which connect to the Betfair API, are used by some of the smartest and most successful punters in the world.

They improve many of the limitations of Betfair’s Mobile and Desktop sites/apps, allow you to bet faster. With more market information.

There are a range of betting applications that can be used for this advanced functionality. We’ve listed all of the popular tools below. If you find this list overwhelming, here are our top three recommendations:

  • GRUSS – simple, easy to learn, and works great for Racing, Greyhounds, In-Play and Sport
  • BET ANGEL – In-Play for Racing or Sport
  • GEEKS TOY – Trading Sport

Benefits of 3rd party applications

There are a wide range of additional features to improve your betting experience including:

  • Super fast price refreshes
  • One-click betting
  • Ladder trading
  • Dutching & charting
  • Automated & test betting
  • Free trials
  • And much more

For the full directory of all betting applications used worldwide, head to the Betfair App Directory.