Staking – Plans and Strategies

A staking plan or staking strategy is the method of defining how much of your bank you should be investing on a particular wager. Having an edge in any wager is essential and how you then stake your money on this wager is an important consideration.

There are a range of staking methods that can be applied to assist in optimising your strategy. Let’s go through some of the commonly known staking plans.

Staking Plans

Level Staking

This is a simple staking plan which involves investing the same amount for every wager. Regardless of the price taken on the wager the amount invested will be consistent. This amount should represent a small percentage of your bankroll, usually between 2 – 5%.

Martingale Staking

Well known amongst the casino regulars, this staking strategy is focused on recovering previous losses. After a losing wager, the process is to recover that wager by doubling your previous stake on your next wager. This process continues until there is a winning bet and then returns to a level staking plan.

Fibonacci Sequence Staking

Similar to the martingale method, this staking plan adjusts in relation to losing wagers. Staking is determined by a sequence of numbers and the result of the previous wager. After a losing wager, the fixed stake is multiplied by one step up on the sequence. After a winning wager the fixed stake is again multiplied but by a number down two steps on the sequence.

Proportional & Percentage Staking

Percentage staking is the method of investing in relation to a percentage of your bank size. As your bank size fluctuates your stakes will adjust accordingly.

For those who can determine how large or small their edge is in a particular wager can then implement an approach know as Kelly Staking. This staking strategy involves taking into consideration both the bank and size of the edge in a particular wager.

Dutch Staking

Dutch Staking or Dutching is a staking strategy used to divide your stake over a number of selections in a market so that a consistent amount is won regardless of which selection wins. This method is commonly used when there are two or more outcomes in an event that a punter wants to back. Horsing racing punters often use Dutching when backing multiple runners.

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