Betfair Sports Trading

Want to learn more about sports trading on Betfair? Read below.

What is Sports Trading?

Prices constantly fluctuate on Betfair, which means you can lock in a winning position by Backing a selection at high odds, then Laying it at low odds, or vice-versa. You don’t need to be a large punter – this can be done with relatively little money in your account. Sports Trading can be done by using your potential profit on the market.

Sports Trading In-Play

In-play Betfair Trading is possible during a match on a range of events and markets. The Betfair exchange platform enables punters to trade on their position at any stage. Take a cricket or AFL match for example. Ever had a bet on either and at some stage in-play had a change of thought/heart and wanted to trade on your position?

Betfair customers can ring Betfair’s Telephone Betting Service on 132 238 and trade their position in-play to either lock in a profit if their position has improved or take a lower loss if it has diminished.

Price Fluctuations In-Play

Take a look at the price fluctuations from the fourth Test between Australia and India in the 2020/21 summer. Australia hadn’t lost a Test at the Gabba in 32 years prior to this match and India were fielding an injury-ravaged team, seeing punters back Australia into $1.33 pre-off.

They remained odds-on favourites across the first day but as rain hit, the draw began to firm. Resilience from the Indian tail on Day 3 saw the draw continue to come in, reaching as low as $1.21, while India ballooned out to $40.

Australia set India a target of 328 to win as the draw continued to trade as low as $1.22, Australia as low as $1.56 and India as high as $46. Defying the odds, however, India pulled off a remarkable run chase to win the Test and the series.

This was just one example of market movements making the Betfair Exchange a great place to trade. Whether you were trading at the end of each day’s play or trading in-play via telephone betting, opportunities were aplenty to secure a winning position, regardless of the result.

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