BetSmart Education

The BetSmart Education series provides information and guidance that could help you to become a more disciplined punter. This library is provided by one of the brightest professional punters in Australia.

Daniel O’Sullivan shares one of the most in depth educational programs you’ll find anywhere on the web. From form to systems to staking, O’Sullivan covers it all.

More Racing Strategies

Australian thoroughbred racing is the most popular market on the Betfair Exchange. Because of that, we have a heap more racing education for you to consume. However, these strategies come from a host of different sources including, Ratings 2 Win, The Analysts and more.



Another great resource is Betfair’s Customer Insights┬ásection. A racing journalist sits down with successful Betfair clients and talks about how they became a pro punter. You’ll often pick up specific strategies that apply to your betting.

For example, if you love going to the track with your laptop then read about Mark, The Punter. If you’re a tech wizard and considering an automated racing strategy, read up about David and his API Bot. Or you may love to trade in-play.

The beauty of the Betfair Exchange is there’s more than one way to skin a cat.