Betfair Betting Simulator

Betfair can be an intimidating platform to new users so we have set up a betting simulator. Get acclimated with the clever tool below.


Test Your Exchange Skills

*Optimised for PC usage

Betfair’s Exchange markets are dynamic, fluid and efficient which results in better value for punters through better odds at low margins. Before you Back and Lay on the Exchange in real time, test your skills on the Exchange Betting Simulator.

Implement what you’ve learnt from the Getting Started section of The Hub to ensure you BetSmart with Betfair.

Pre-Play Simulation: Press the Play Button  below and begin Backing and Laying.
In-Play Simulation: Wait for the jump countdown or press below.
Bet Types: Back, Lay & Trade (Back-to-Lay & Lay-to-Back)