Bet Angel: Recommended Settings from Betfair

Bet Angel is the most popular Third-Party Tool with Betfair. However, just like anything fresh out of the box, you need to adjust the Bet Angel settings.

With that in mind, we’ve shot a video and have a bunch of screenshots that show you how to Australianise Bet Angel.


Prefer to read through each step? Then keep scrolling and enjoy the article below.

Confirm Bets

As it states, unticking this option will mean you don’t need to confirm bets. This is one of the advantages of using a 3rd party tool – please be aware that this will make betting faster, so gamble responsibly.

Last Traded Price Chart

This shows a graph on the ladder of last traded prices. It’s important to note this isn’t time stamped.

Last Traded Volume Amount

This shows on the ladder mode how much was matched after a bet. If this isn’t selected it’ll just highlight when a bet is matched and at what price, but not the volume matched.

Australian Racing in Quick Picks

Bet Angel defaults to UK racing so this makes navigating to Australian Racing easier.

Quickest Refresh

Pretty simple. Get the quickest refresh so you can accurately see what the market is doing.

Save your new settings

Once you have done all of this, click save in the settings.

Log In with your new settings

When you go to log back into Bet Angel, you can open it with the settings you’ve saved.

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