Bet Angel Betting App

Bet Angel users are more profitable, on average, than the mobile or website Betfair user.

It’s no wonder it’s the most popular third party betting application for Betfair customers in Australia and New Zealand. Followed closely by Gruss and Geeks Toy.

It’s depth of features suit anyone from one click racing punters to cricket traders to automated customers. It’s also supported by some of the best betting content you’ll find. Peter Webb, the founder/creator, has an incredible Bet Angel YouTube channel. They also offer customer service for Australian and New Zealand customers and have a thriving forum.

The features of the tool include:

  • one-click betting
  • advanced ladders
  • automated betting
  • 14 day free trial
  • Excel integration, plus a lot more

Bet Angel is the most popular third party application for Betfair. It gives you a speed advantage over the competition.


Bet Angel Benefits

1. Download Your Free Trial

Are you ready to try Bet Angel? Did we mention Bet Angel users are more profitable on average than the mobile or website user?

Then start with a 14-day trial and DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

You’ll notice two options: Bet Angel Trader and Bet Angel Professional. The former is cheap, quick and has most of the non-automation features. The latter has every feature you could think of but costs more. Your call. Trial Trader for 14 days, then trial Pro.

2. Bet Angel Settings

Bet Angel, with all it’s features, can sometimes be intimidating for first time users. With that in mind, we’ve created a series of videos to help you feel comfortable on the tool. We’ll discuss Practice Mode and give you the settings to get started.

3. Next level

This step is optional. If you have a winning strategy on Bet Angel, you might not need to do anything else. We don’t want you getting overwhelmed by fancy features and automation.

However, if you’re looking for new strategies to explore or find out about Bet Angel automation, we have resources for you.

Check out the Excel integration video below, as well as the expert content from Caan Berry.

Additionally, we have an entire team at Betfair Australia that help with automated betting. You can email for one on one assistance.

That team also set up our Automation GitHub which houses all our sophisticated Third Party Tool and API content.

Pro Punter Inspiration

Think pro punting or third party trading is beyond you?

Well it’s not easy but we’ve got some great inspiration on the Hub to help you persevere.

Extra Resources

Bet Angel have a great set of online tutorials and customer service channels, including:

The forum is a gold mine and even includes template automation strategies. You’ll find Bet Angel users all over the world sharing automation files that you can simply upload to Bet Angel Pro. From racing to cricket to tennis. There’s so much there.

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