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The Data Scientists take a purely mathematical approach to predicting the outcome of sporting events. Using best of breed analytical modelling and complex statistical analysis, they have built prediction models across a range of sporting and racing codes.

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AFL Predictions 2017 – Round 2

The Data Scientists AFL Model has found both Western Bulldogs and Adelaide as value propositions in Round 2 this weekend.

Basketball Predictions

The Data Scientist’s Basketball Model identifies trading & betting opportunities throughout the NBA season including Playoffs.

NRL 2017 Predictions – Round 5

Only Sydney Roosters and Melbourne Storm remain undefeated after four rounds of the NRL and the Data Scientists expect that to continue this weekend. Round 5 Predictive Model now live.

Racing Prediction Model: Identifying Key Runners

Find runners that outperform the market expectation with The Data Scientists' Racing Prediction Model.

Golf Prediction Model

The Data Scientist’s Golf Model identifies the best value BACK and LAY bet opportunities across selected professional golf tournaments around the world.

Tennis Predictions: Trading & Betting Selections

The Data Scientist's Tennis Model identifies trading & value betting opportunities throughout a range of ATP & WTA tournaments.

NRL 2017 Predictions – Round 4

Plenty of tight games are predicted in Round 4 of the NRL, starting with a shock win for South Sydney against undefeated Sydney Roosters. NRL Prediction Model now live

Super Rugby 2017 Predictions – Round 6

Another tough showing for the Aussies in Round 6 of the Super Rugby season with the Data Scientists predicting the locals to go 0/4 against New Zealand opposition this weekend.

AFL Predictions 2017 – Round 1

The Data Scientists AFL Model has found both Carlton and Adelaide as value propositions in Round 1.

Super Rugby 2017 Predictions – Round 5

ACT Brumbies hold the hope of the Australian sides this weekend when they host the Highlanders on Saturday night. Data Scientists Super Rugby Round 4 Prediction Model now live.