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Welcome to Betfair’s Australian Open Hub, your complete home of Australian Open Betting for 2019.

Throughout the entire Australian Open, we’ll have tips, previews, and strategies to make it your best one yet.

For expert insight, bookmark this page, and for the best value odds, head to the Betfair Exchange.

Expert Tennis Previews

As a peer to peer exchange, Betfair makes money by applying a small commission to winning bets. So we want winners. On the Hub, there’s no shortage of expert tennis knowledge across the Australian Open to help you win.

Ace Tennis Previews will be providing an extensive preview on the Men’s and Women’s side of the draw. On top of this, daily tips will be available on the Hub across the entire tournament.

Martin Ingram will be providing his Glicko Preview of the Australian Open, using data to pick out who is the value on both sides of the draw.

Our in house tennis model will be running across the tournament, picking out the best Back to Lay games in the schedule.

  Make this Summer of Tennis your best one yet. Go where the value is on the Betfair Exchange

Tennis Education

The Betfair Hub houses plenty of Educational content on Tennis, whether you’re new to the sport to making your own automated strategy.

Tennis Odds

As we mentioned, Betfair isn’t a bookie. We don’t set the odds. Punters do. So you’ll often find the best value on the Betfair Exchange.

Men's Winner

Women's Winner

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