Why You Need The Hub, No Matter Your Betting Experience

The Betfair Hub exists to make punters smarter. Betfair is incentivised to share expert knowledge because we take a small commission from winning bets. Unlike bookies, we want winners.

So we like to share techniques that create winning clients. Whether it’s having the right mindset or not falling into bookie traps like no-value promotions.

Wherever you are in your betting journey, The Hub is here to help you.

Actual Experts

Betfair is so committed to making punters smarter that their content is written by real professional punters. Guys that specialise in a niche sport, like provincial Queensland horse racing or NRL. Other Expert Insights include:

Betfair is a low margin exchange like Airbnb and Uber. Unlike bookies, we want winners.

Pro Punting Strategies

The next step in your educational journey should be strategies that are specific to your sport.

In the BetSmart Racing Series Daniel O’Sullivan shares one of the most detailed racing educations you’ll find.

Another profitable path that appeals to a tonne of Betfair clients is Promotional Arbitrage (or match betting). In fact, successful Betfair customers recommend this Bonus Betting Calendar exclusively for Spring Racing.

automate your edge

Once your betting strategy is profitable, it’s time to scale up. The best way to do that is automation.

Whilst betting automatically and making a five, six or seven figure income sounds absurd, it happens. You’ll notice a bunch of guys living that dream in our Customer Insights section.

The five and six figure stories vary, but the next level up is typically achieved by a similar group of people. Maths doctors and computer scientists.

To help you eventually climb Everest, we have a bunch of Tools to help. They could be third party apps that speed up your trading or specific resources that help you access the Betfair API. We’ve also got Data, a dedicated GitHub page and many other resources in our Automated Betting Station.

The Betfair Exchange

Now that you know why Betfair incentivises winning behaviour, check out this video on how the Exchange actually works.


The Betfair Exchange is unlike any betting experience in the world. There’s no bookies setting odds and closing accounts. It’s a pure platform that allows punters to take on punters. And we want winners.

If you want the most value this Spring, join the Exchange. And if you want to improve your betting and have access to professional punters, bookmake The Hub.

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