Why Is Your Bookie Texting You?

Does your bookie text you more than your mates? Offering you promotions. Or matching your deposits.

You know what that means. You’re in their database as a valuable customer. Which presumably means you’re paying for more than their SMS charges.

It’s time to change your betting patterns.

The Betfair Hub

If you’re still getting promo offers, then you may want to consider Promotional Arbitrage (or Matched Betting). It’s a potential way to turn these promotions into profit.

In fact, successful Betfair customers recommend this Bonus Betting Calendar to use throughout Spring.

If you’re ready to bet smarter, then join the Betfair Exchange. Bookies don’t set the odds, punters do.

The Betfair Hub

One of the distinguishing features of Betfair is that it doesn’t set the odds like a bookie. It’s simply a platform for punters to take on punters. That means that unlike bookies, Betfair actually wants winners.

Betfair is so committed to making punters smarter that they have created The Hub. This content platform is updated daily with exclusive information from professional punters. You’ll find Expert Racing Insights from:

Plus we have full card ratings. Check out:

There’s also the Racing Prediction Model which provides data science insight every day.

The Betfair Exchange

Now that you know why Betfair incentivises winning behaviour, check out this video on how the Exchange actually works.


The Betfair Exchange is unlike any betting experience in the world. There’s no bookies setting odds and closing accounts. It’s a pure platform that allows punters to take on punters. And we want winners.

If you want the most value this Spring, join the Exchange. And if you want to improve your betting and have access to professional punters, bookmark The Hub.

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