How To Evolve If You’ve Been Restricted

The wagering landscape has changed in Australia remarkably over the last 15 years and this change has been accelerating considerably over the last year or two in particular.With that in mind, there is no reason why this Autumn Carnival can’t be your most profitable season yet and unlike corporate bookmakers, Betfair doesn’t cut off winners, so you won’t fall victim to the ‘Bookie Ban.’

However, to survive in this game you have to be able to identify these changes and adapt accordingly.

Whilst this prospect may be daunting, there has never been a better time to be a small to medium sized punter than right now.

15 years ago there was no such thing as pre-post betting, markets only went up for the next race after the running of the previous race and there were no huge corporate bookmakers dominating the market nationwide.

However, some interesting trends have become evident concerning the wildly fluctuating prices available throughout the day’s betting and Betfair customers may be able to take advantage of this over the Spring Carnival, unless you’re a member of the growing minority that has had their account restricted by corporate bookmakers.

Betfair is a peer to peer platform for punters. Don’t let bookies ban smart betting.

9AM Minimum Bet Rules

Wild price fluctuations all occur post 9am in a state with minimum bet limits being lifted, so after this sharp punters will be able to bet into racing markets with large edges.

In the old days, people on track would say the bookies were giving away money if Top Fluc was under 100%. Mo Conlon would actually stop betting on a race once the percentage got too low.

These days, we’re nudging 90%.

Then when you add the numbers from Betfair things get even better for punters, as they usually do! The above figures drop down by about 1% per race when you add in Betfair SP. But what is truly remarkable is the value available to smaller punters on Betfair right now. Because the market and Betfair tend to mirror each other (especially over the last 15 min of betting), along with Betfair’s peer to peer nature that results in more competitive prices available at most times.

Thankfully, the industry is starting to acknowledge punters. This is largely due to the outstanding work of Richard Irvine.

Racing NSW were the first organisation to restore industry balance by enforcing a minimum bet rule. Generally speaking, it means that corporate bookmakers must accept bets on country racing to win $1000 and $2000 on metropolitan races.

That lead has been followed by Victoria and then Queensland. South Australia is in the process of following suit as well.

Plus, in August 2018, Greyhound Racing Victoria were the first non-thoroughbred body to introduce rules regarding minimum  limits.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single sporting code that has similar conditions. So you can have a $50 bet on the football rejected if your account has been flagged.

So what options are there?

Beyond minimum bet rules and bookmaker promotions, punters live on Betfair.

The free market environment of Betfair means winning punters can make their entire income here. It also lends itself to betting automation where clients can automate their betting strategies, allowing them to get on with their lives while their bots do the betting for them.

The Back and Lay nature of the Exchange also creates an opportunity to arbitrage bookmaker promotions. You’ll find some specific Spring Racing opportunities on this popular page by Bonus Money.

How does betfair work?

To understand how the Betfair Exchange works, check out this video:


Even though minimum bet laws are helping punters, the balance of power is still firmly in the hands of the bookmaker.

However, your Spring Carnival shouldn’t be capped by bookies, Betfair never cuts off winners and if you’re finding yourself banned from bookmakers, we strongly suggest you check out The Hub and the Betfair Exchange. We want winners.

Are bookies restricting your betting? Then join the low margin exchange. It’s made for punters.

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